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YouTuber Myka Stauffer under fire for relinquishing custody of son with autism

In nowadays we somewhat talk about the famous youtube character of Myka Stauffer. Around 700000 subscribers have on their Youtube Channel. In this video, she describes how to adopt a child from china and how to feed him and many more. She recorded this video with her husband. The list of Youtube videos has recorded and released. Anyway, these videos have got fire among youtube fans. The detailed list of videos has released on Tuesday with this adopted child. And also this child is a special need of a child. The adopted child had placed in another house and recorded the video with her husband. People are talking about this series of youtube videos among social media.

After that, the describer Myka Stauffer said the child kept in another house because of his behavioral problems. In international social media also report this as a quarrelsome video. Around 300000 subscribers which were earned money and Myka have a 700000 individual youtube channel. On Tuesday they uploaded a video named “An update on our Family”. That boys’ name was Huxley. In this video, you can see this boy has spent living with their own 4 children. But Myka says this adopted boy no longer will spend the life with us.

their four youngsters – a girl she has from a past relationship and the couple’s little girl and two children. “There’s not an ounce of our body that doesn’t adore Huxley with the entirety of our being,” Myka Stauffer said. “There was certifiably not brief that we didn’t attempt our hardest.”

There are lots of fans who insulted them. Also, she said I am not as successful as a mom. Her husband uploaded 30 videos to youtube about child adoption. This happened when Huxley came to live with them since 2017.

The couple has been posting recordings since at any rate 2014, both on Myka’s channel and their shared service, The Stauffer Life, which have more than 700,000 endorsers and 300,000 supporters separately. The Stauffers have four other kids together — one of whom is from Myka’s past relationship — other than Huxley. They reported that they were intending to receive a kid from China in a video from July 2016 titled “Huge ANNOUNCEMENT!!! || BABY #4.”


Stauffer created almost 30 recordings about the couple’s appropriation procedure, chronicling when Huxley came to live with them in 2017. She had dubiously alluded to Huxley’s uncommon needs in a portion of her recordings, remembering one for which she publicized a pledge drive for her child. The YouTuber first expressly uncovered the degree of his needs in an article she composed for Parade a year ago, saying that Huxley was determined to have “a stroke in utero, has level 3 chemical imbalance, and tangible handling issue.”


“From the start, we were unable to fold our heads over unique needs selection. We would simply say, ‘No we can’t deal with the entirety of that, we simply need a straightforward reception,'” Stauffer wrote in the article. “Be that as it may, as we let the thought absorb, God mellowed our hearts. Before we knew it, we were available to pretty much every extraordinary need in the book.”


She and her significant other were condemned via web-based networking media, with #cancelmykastauffer drifting via web-based networking media not long after the declaration.

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