Xiaomi Mi 11 and Oppo Find X3 Pro added Macro lens



Macro lens art

  • The mobile phone camera is getting modified every day.
  • In the beginning, phones came without a camera after that came with a single camera, then the secondary and tertiary camera and popup cameras with telephoto lenses with depth sensors and Macro lens
  • Xiaomi MI11 was launched in February 2021 and after one month the Oppo find X3 Pro was released.
  • Both of the phones have come with notable Macro photography modes.
  • They take these photos using bespoke hardware and smart software.
  • ‘Macro’ term is using to describe close-up photos of small objects.
  • redmi has also developed its camera to it

  • A macro camera is often used for taking tiny objects and capturing tons of details with that feature you can appreciate the world around you such as insects, nature, foods, etc.
  • Some smartphones gave this feature before but not better quality.

  • There is a very short history of macro cameras. quite a few phones came with a 2MP depth sensor and 2MP macro cameras
  • These Macro lenses can also take normal photos but its not always good because these lenses Cant compared with main cameras on mobile phones
  • Some phones have different methods to take macro photos like wide-angle macro photo lens. but they are not always a primary option
  • One of the biggest issues of macro photography needs good lighting.
  • If you put your camera against the light source your photo will not perform well. both of the MI11 and Oppo find X3 pro has this issue
  • The findX3  has a 3-megapixel sensor and a ring light on it to light it up.
  • microlens is the name of the oppo macro lens because this camera like a microscope
  • Oppo and Xiaomi have designed their camera as same as nearly. the photo quality is quite similar

Macro lens is the future

Macro photography
  • Xiaomi is the first company that released 108MP sensors for mobile phones
  • Now Samsung and the realm are following them.
  • Oppo has a history that using sony sensors on their phones .now one plus is also following them.
  • To make the kind of phone camera more usable, macro lenses could be combined with higher-resolution sensors.
  • There are also technological implementations that may imitate some of the features of macro lenses,
  • such as the ability to focus on anything closer.
  • but software typically does not perform as well as hardware.
  • Close-up photography is a bit of a fun photography method.
  • It lets you see small detail in good view.
  • finally, if all the brands work on creating macro photography mobile phones will be so much better in future