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Why Harrisburg is feuding over a state rep’s hush-hush coronavirus test

These days we are talking about Harissburg’s quarrelsome words about state rep’s coronavirus test. The top law level officer of the Republic in Pennsylvania is a positive corona test. This happened last Thursday. The northeast Philly state republic Kevin Boyle said to AG Josh Shapiro saying

Pennsylvania’s top law requirement official was approached to research the assembly’s Republican initiative after it purportedly retained data from Pa. Democrats about a legislator testing positive for the coronavirus. Pause, what? Peruse on.


Upper east Philly state Rep. Kevin Boyle kept in touch with AG Josh Shapiro Thursday morning, asking him to “examine the activities of House Republican legislators and pioneers and any House authorities who neglected to properly inform administrators and staff of Rep. Andrew Lewis’ COVID-19 positive test.” On Thursday evening, Shapiro gave an announcement declining to direct a criminal examination.


Lewis, of the 105th District in Central Pa., declared on Wednesday that he’d tried positive on May 20, and promptly went into self-isolate.

Democrats, particularly Lewis’ co-individuals on the State Government Committee, were offended it took a whole week for them to get some answers concerning the COVID-19 case among their partners. One of those comembers, Rep. Brian Sims of Philadelphia, posted an enthusiastic Facebook video in which he uncovered he’d quite recently given a kidney. Others raced to get themselves tried.


In his letter to Shapiro whether “any state laws or morals rules were abused, and why the CDC and Department of Health rules were not clung to.”


There have been calls for Lewis to leave — alongside House Speaker Mike Turzai and state Rep. Russ Diamond, who additionally went into unannounced self-isolate because of his nearby contact with Lewis. Bits of gossip additionally started to twirl about other GOP reps testing positive without uncovering the information.


The adventure reached a crucial stage on Wednesday evening, and by Thursday was making national news — significantly previous presidential applicant Pete Buttigieg tweeted about it. Here’s how everything went down.


Lewis tests positive for coronavirus


Lewis, whose locale lies among Harrisburg and Hershey, posted on Facebook Wednesday evening that he had endured a “mellow” instance of COVID-19. In the wake of feeling sick, he was tried on May 18 and got his positive outcome on May 20.


As he struggled a fever and hack, Lewis said he “promptly started self-separation convention” and alarmed the HR division of the House Republican Caucus. He said each staff part who came in close contact with him was cautioned and advised to self-detach for 14 days.


At any rate, one of them was Rep. Russ Diamond, a Republican from Lebanon County, who sits before Lewis in the House chamber. He said he was told of his presentation on May 21 and went into self-isolate.


Yet, Democrats state they were never told


House Democrats state they didn’t catch wind of Lewis’ certain test for a whole week — until the Associated Press revealed it on Wednesday.


Interim, the Pennsylvania Legislature had been meeting routinely, and individuals were working in close contact with one another. That incorporates the House State Government Committee, of which Lewis is a part.

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