Why Get A Dedicated Dual Monitor Arm When You Already Have The Stock Monitor Stand?

Olivia Chandler - To Eleven

The most straightforward answer to this question is that the stock monitor that comes from the manufacturer is just not good enough. Yes, it is working fine for you and has not given you any problems as of yet, but the majority of them have stability issues and will only be suitable for when you want to work on your desk. You cannot use the stand to mount the monitor up to a position that is more comfortable for you. When you are working long hours, you need to make your workstation comfortable enough; otherwise, it just causes health problems like a stiff neck or a stiff shoulder. 

Here Are Some of The Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Dual Monitor Arms:

1) Stock monitor stands cannot support both of your monitors. When your work requires you to use two monitors at the same time, you have no choice but to look for an option that allows you to use both the monitors at the same time without swiveling around in your chair from time to time to check both the monitor screens.

Dual monitor arms will mount the monitor screens at an angle that will help you to view them both at the same time in quick succession.

2) Neat freaks love dual monitor arms: using a monitor arm will clear the desk, and you will have the wide-open space to use for other things. Like for writing, taking notes, or you can place other stationaries on your desk without making the desk look unorganized and heavily cluttered.

Who does not love more working space? When you use a monitor arm, you do not have to buy a more massive desk to fit all your things on the desk.

3) Absolutely no footprints on the desk: if you have footprints on your desk, then you will be glad to know that monitor arms do not leave any footprints. Monitor stands, they do not sit atop the desk but attached to the edge of the desk or wall behind the monitor.

4) Raises your productivity level: if you like everyone else wants to increase your productivity and impress your boss at work, then you should consider getting a monitor arm. Installing monitor arms dramatically increases your productivity.

You have the option to place the monitors’ side by side or atop each other, whichever is more comfortable for you, and when you are satisfied, you can achieve goals faster.

5) Your eyes are not strained to the point where it hurts to open your eyes: it is no secret that when you stare at the monitor for too long, you need to strain your eyes. But in this digital age, you have no choice but to work on the monitor for hours at a time and you end up with red eyes.

Sometimes prolonged exposure can also cause dry eyes and dark circles under the eyes, which is an eye the monitors need to be placed at an optimal distance that is not harmful to your vision. Monitor’s arms allow you to adjust the monitor to a position where you can view the monitor and work for hours without making your eyes hurt.

6) Offers you great adjustability: people generally tend to get monitor arms because it allows them to adjust the monitor to their height and whatever position they are in. Even if you have a desk job, you cannot sit in the same posting all day long.

You will be changing positions and moving around. When you get a monitor arm, you can adjust the height of the monitor if you wish to work standing for a few hours with just one touch. 

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