Top 5 Upcoming new mobile phones in 2021

Upcoming phones
Upcoming phones


In terms of hardware, 2021 is off to a strong start, with the Upcoming phones Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra already on the market – which are three phones that are sure to be among the best and most successful of the year.

  • They were followed by the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, as well as the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Oppo Find X3 Pro, 
  • but if the leaks and rumors are to be believed, there will be plenty more on the way.

iPhone 13 range

iPhone 13 range is the most awaited phone of the most users. but there will be a big wait until its releases in September

  • High refresh rate displays, 1TB of storage, in-screen fingerprint scanners, and a smaller notch are all speculated to be included in these new versions.
  • There’s also talk of adding a periscope camera, which will expand the optical zoom ability.
  • However, since the phones are still a long way off at the time of writing, we aren’t entirely sure about these claims. 
  • What you can count on is that they’ll be solid, and Apple will most likely sell the same lineup of handsets like the iPhone 12 – that is, an and iPhone 13 Pro Max, an iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 mini.
Upcoming phones
Upcoming phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

This one is the upcoming technology of the future. Galaxy Z fold 3 is not the mainstream of mobile phones but it is very exciting than normal phones

  • Apart from having a large, foldable panel, the main Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 reports so far indicate that it will support Samsung’s S Pen stylus, 
  • have an in-screen camera, and likely even have an RGB light strip on its hinge.
  • We haven’t heard anything more as of writing, 
  • but expect more news to surface as we get closer to the release date, 
  • which is expected to be in June if leaks are to be believed – but some reports say it won’t arrive until the second half of the year.
Upcoming phones
Upcoming phones

LG Rollable

This device is a very much different device when comparing to other phones. absolutely this is a completely new thing to phones

  • LG has stated that the phone exists and will be released this year (2021), and has released a brief teaser 
  • that shows the phone stretching from mobile to tablet size without the need for folding. 
  • But there have been rumors that this project has been canceled
Upcoming phones
Upcoming phones

Nokia 10

  • We’ve been waiting on the Nokia 10 for a long time, 
  • but as time passed, it shifted to Nokia 9.2, 9.3, and finally Nokia 10.
  • It’s unclear if this will be the year it launches, particularly because we don’t know anything about it yet.
  • However, rumors suggest an in-screen selfie camera, sapphire glass panel, stainless steel casing, and a high-end Snapdragon 888 chipset, 
  • implying that this might be a high-end phone.
Upcoming phones
Upcoming phones

Sony Xperia 1 III Compact

  • In addition to the anticipated Sony Xperia 1 III,
  • there are rumors that the company will release a Sony Xperia 1 III Compact, 
  • which we are more interested in because there aren’t many high-end compact phones these days.
  • We don’t know much more about the Compact or the normal Sony Xperia 1 III yet,
  • but with the phones set to arrive in the first half of the year,