The secret behind the dimming stars


 You know that stars are glowing. Actually they are very bright objects. We can see them clearly in the night sky. But they are always available. In the darker medium, we can only see them. You know about the constellations. Those are the set of stars that are divided according to a pattern. Those patterns have a name. That name is the above-mentioned one. We can even see them from our naked eyes. Today we aren’t here only to talk about stars. But we are to talk about the story behind the bright stars. 

As per the introduction, we will see what is a star 

A nebula ( new star cam born someday from this nebula)

   The above are all the details of the stars. Then we will move to the main topic. Here the important instrument is the Gaia observatory. Through the above instrument, it detected a bright star. Then it dimmed. After some days that star came to the view. Like earlier this time even it dimmed. 

  Scientists cannot even suggest a possible reason for that behaviour. Therefore they further care about that. Finally, they have to suggest that it is because of gravitational power. Star is situated very far from us. The light is magnifying when travelling towards us. Can you imagine the distance of the star??? That is a binary star. It is 2544 light-years away. 


   We can’t observe that clearly because of the less brightness. Because of that, they have to try exceptional ways. To find what, they have to use extraordinary ways??? They want to find mass, orbit, and distance. Can you guess the method to find out that? There are two of them. Those are through the gravitational effects and the magnification of the light. 

Milkyway galaxy, Home of millions of stars

 . The above way is very significant. There is a reason for that. After using that method to find out the above facts, it uses some other thing. That is to detect very far objects in the Milky Way. Actually that could be a positive way. According to the research, there may be millions of masses in space. You know the leading observation caused by the above discovery. That is the repeating brightening and dimming star. Then for the easy introduction, this has given a special name. That is Gaia16aye.

   This is an object that is producing an amazing thing. That producing thing is the gravitational microlens. That effect is made by the theorem of the great scientist Einstein. But microlens became huge when detecting the above incident of Gaia16aye. Later we will see more about the Gaia16aye. And the microlens became different in the high magnification regions. These are the main details about the dimming star. Then we will see some about the Gaia16aye. 


   As you know this is a gravitational microlensing event. This was first detected through the Gaia space observatory. The source star has a magnitude of 14.5. That is a star Cygnus. That was first observed in 2016. Actually on the 9th of August. 

  Those are some little details about the Gaia16aye. Then we will see the details of the Gaia telescope or the Gaia space observatory. 

Gaia space observatory 

Star trail image. this is one thing happens because of earth’s rotation

    Gaia is a spacecraft by the European space agency. About 2013 this spacecraft was launched. And scientists expect to operate this until 2022. That spacecraft designed for various tasks. I decided to tell you some of them. That was designed for the astronomy, distance and the motion of the stars in space and measuring the positions. The last aim of this mission is to make the largest 3D space catalogue. And to examine approximately 1 billion stars. 

   The Gaia spacecraft is included in the astrometric observatory. There are exceptional payloads here. Some of them are astrometric instruments, photometric instruments, and radial velocity spectrometers. 

  There is another speciality of this spacecraft. That is, it will examine its targets about 70 times. That is essential to determine the exact places of the stars. Already you know about the 3-dimensional map. That includes the descriptive details of the luminosity, effective temperature and the gravity of the elements. 

  In the future, there will be another project introduced. GaiaNIR is a future proposed project. With this project, the project can be widened. Here the GaiaNIR means the Gaia near the infrared. That means this project can be done with the infrared rays. Therefore some natural objects can be detected with infrared rays. Those objects cannot be detected normally. 

   Then we have come to the last part of our article today. I told you more details about the stars. Other than that Gaia16aye and about the important Gaia space observatory. I think I gave you the most important details of the above topics. Insert them to your knowledge library. Then we will meet at another one. 

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