The new type of nuclear weapons by US military


 I know that you have heard about the weapons. Also about nuclear weapons. Normal weapons are weapons like guns. But nuclear weapons have changed more than them. The main difference is the damage caused by normal weapons and nuclear weapons. Normal weapons cause sudden death or severe injuries at a single time. But the situation totally differs in nuclear weapons. It causes huge destruction of people and also properties. Through such weapons, some people would be able to rescue them. But there is no need to rescue from such a disaster. Because those weapons damage us biologically. Therefore the rescued people have to live with those inherited damages. Even those people are not only the only prays. Those damages become a disorder. That disorder transmits from one generation to another. 

New Nuclear Submarine

  Those are the main differences. We will discuss more nuclear weapons after the main description. Now shall we move with it?? 

A nuclear weapon testing

  Recently US military service had deployed a submarine. People raised voices for the above thing. That is the answer the officers said, those are to make the conflicts stronger. Conflict means nuclear conflict. 


  The above submarine has a significant name. It is called the W76-2 low yield submarine. This is not a totally new submarine. I am right if I say this is a remake or a modification. That is true. The above submarine has the developed features of the previous submarine. It is a W76 warhead. The first one was made during February of last year.  

 The designs and other things are updating continuously. That is with the strategic longer-range missiles. I think you are aware of military weapons.  Not only the US there are some other countries involved in the production of such materials. 

   Russia is such a country. It involves producing them. The main difference between the weapons of America is power. Also, weapons in Russia cause less destruction than the weapons made in the United States. From that, we can conclude that Russia still hasn’t achieved the knowledge that the United States has gained. Other than that, the United States has some special weapons. Those are known as gravity bombs. 

Now we are going to see more about nuclear weapons. 

nuclear weapon explosion

  There are two situations in history where nuclear weapons are used. We can suddenly memorize that situation when we hear the term nuclear weapon. That is the incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are still prayers of such a disaster. They are still inherited from the results of that. Future children are also affected by the above inheritance. But many people tried to reduce the usage of nuclear weapons. But there is a question that will be a practical theory. We will see it. But the production of nuclear weapons didn’t stop. It is continuing now.

     There are some types of nuclear weapons. So we can divide the nuclear weapons mainly into two types. Those are the fission weapons and fusion weapons. The most common weapons of the fission type are the atomic bombs and the atomic bomb. The important point is from where the energy is produced??? That is simple. Do you know the midpoint or the center of the atom?? There is a specific name for that. This is the nucleus. The needed energy is produced from the nucleus of a single atom. The nucleus is a very small part. But the nuclear reactions are so huge. Even you can’t think that. Actually is that the region where so destructive energy is producing?? That is the truth. 

Fusion reactions bombs

The Hiroshima Atomic bomb

     This is another type of weapon. These types of weapons are produced using nuclear fusion reactions. Those are called thermonuclear weapons. Plus it is called hydrogen bombs. Because there are some reactions taking place with the reactions of the hydrogen isotope. Even North Korea has tried to conduct the above testing. The thermonuclear weapons made because of the energy released from the fission bomb. There are some rays even released from the above interaction. Those rays are gamma rays and the x rays. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages from the above.

  From the above all types there is another extraordinary type. That is the boosted fission weapon. In this type, there are many small reactions. Through them, it increases the explosive yield. 

  I think now we have to end this article. I told you many useful details about them. You can add more to your knowledge. Nuclear weapons are not positive things. But we have to be aware of them. That is helpful for our knowledge. We all can wish that the production of nuclear weapons will stop one day. And I know that this above is the wish of many people throughout the world. We will meet quickly from another one.

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