Asia is known to be one of the most diverse food basins in the world. It is receptive to other sensations and is the product of many years of tradition infused with the advances of time. Hong Kong, for example, is one country in Southeast Asia known for its wide array of food selections and its high density of world class restaurants. The city’s cuisine offers elevated dishes with Eastern and Western influences mixed with Cantonese-based recipes. Get a whole new travel experience and get to know the ins and outs of this modern-day city through its genius and highly diverse food industry. Do not deny yourself of this ultimate food and travel experience. Plan your next Hong Kong trip and book the tickets online today! Follow this ultimate food guide to help you plan this mouth-watering experience of a lifetime!

      1. Dim Sum

One of the best reasons why you should start planning your next Southeast Asia trip is to try Hong Kong’s world famous Dim sum, which literally translates to “little snacks” in Chinese. Dim sum can actually range to different common dishes such as braised chicken feet, the popular porky Siu Mai, shrimp-filled Har Gao, Steamed Buns, Wheat Dumplings, rice noodle rolls (Zhu Cheung Fun), and many more which can be eaten in small portions inside steam-heated carts that are usually pushed around restaurants.

Yum Cha, or the ancient Chinese tradition of drinking tea that was commonly done with the accompaniment of little bite size dishes, is allegedly where Dim Sum originated from, which is why most dim sum dishes can be found and served in teahouses. It is not only one of the most famous types of dishes you can try in Hong Kong, but it may also be one of the most fun and interesting experiences you can get in this country.

You can try the famous Lin Heung Teahouse, which is famous for holding true to its traditional style. It may be one of the best eating experiences in Hong Kong because its ambiance, communal tables, and constant loudness can give you the whole Dim Sum experience. 

      2. Roast Goose

Within the Cantonese realm of roast meat, a chef, they say, would not earn his stripes without thoroughly producing a truly exceptional Roast Goose with crispy skin covering a flavorful layer of juicy fat and tender meat. The traditional plum sauce that accompanies this dish should also be the perfect blend of acidic and sweet. Nothing can compare to the excitement you feel once you’ve had a taste of Hong Kong Roast Goose. Blended with more than twenty herbs, spices, and aromatics, this roasted dish will surely leave a luscious taste in your mouth.

One of the best Hong Kong restaurants to visit to get world-class Roast Goose is the Yat Lok which is located on Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong. This is also a One Michelin star restaurant and has been featured on several blogs and media outlets. This family-run business has been known around the globe for serving some of the best Roast Goose in Hong Kong.

Another restaurant that serves luscious Roast Goose is the Yung Kee restaurant located in Wellington St., Central Hong Kong. This restaurant also has a lengthy history and is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. 

       3. Clay Pot Rice

Clay Pot Rice, which is sometimes translated as rice casserole, is a traditional dish usually served for dinner in many Southeast Asian nations such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. This is basically rice with marinated meat and vegetables which is drizzled with rich sauce and cooked in a clay pot. There are even several types of rice to choose from, from Pork Ribs with Black Beans to Chinese Sausage, and Salted Fish. This traditional meal is usually passed down from one generation to another and is considered easy yet hard to perfect. The secret, they say, is heat control so as to make all the ingredients cook at the same time. 

One restaurant in Hong Kong which is famous for luscious and flavorful Clay Pot Rice is Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice which can be found on Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong. It is a budget restaurant that looks like a food park and a garage. This serves not only as one of the best places to get Clay Pot Rice, but is also very accessible and can give you a great dining experience. 

Aside from the top three Must-Try cuisines in Hong Kong, there are so many other delicacies you can find when going around this modern and beautiful city. Make sure to plan your itinerary and make the most out of your Hong Kong trip. Happy eating!

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