Tampa enacts citywide curfew that begins



Current situation of Tampa Bay

As a cruel incident of George Loyd’s death protests has started the second day too. Mainly Minneapolis and Tampa city’s situation was very dangerous. Anyway, President Donald Trump has published that don’t consider anymore about protesters and he advised the police that enforce the law according to the constitution. But right now the situation has changed. Also, police officers are supporting the protesters. If the law is blind they know that law is not fair and just for George Loyd’s death. There have many kinds of people in our social environment. It is not so good as divide black and white. All are humans.

How Tampa was dangerous?

Also, Tampa city is so dangerous right now. Second day too Tampa city people coming towards to streets. When coming to the streets they destroyed public areas and looted shops, and threw stones towards police. Some people can see all around the streets spending their night also. When coming police vehicles towards them they tried to stop them and destroy the vehicles. On Saturday if the protests were peaceful at night it had to get terrible and so dangerous. After that, the police published the curfew time to stop the dangerous protests.

More about curfew time

The curfew time changed beyond 7.30 P.M. to the next day at 6.00 A.M. At a media conference Jane Caster said that this was made according to an executive order and all things were done to keep people calm and quiet. It was a peaceful purpose should do. Furthermore But if you go outside to buy some food or medicine this will not affect you. If public transport services were late permissions are granted for when you go out for the job and or grocery shops.

What should we do right now?

In this situation, you should not spread the violence and keep peacefulness. During this coronavirus pandemic, this cant handle to the police. Also, the economic environment has decreased and so many challenges have come to our forehead. The deaths of coronavirus cases are dangerously increasing. In this time cant increased death from protests. If law unfair we can’t handle it anymore. If the U.S should succeed people must be peaceful and should keep the social distance.

If you break the law?

Media units of the U.S cant go to these places during curfew time. The individuals who break the time limit, as indicated by the discharge, will be accused of second-degree wrongdoing with a punishment of as long as 60 days pay detainment as well as a dollar 500. The discharge additionally says that the individuals who are captured while breaking the check-in time request could be accused of first-degree wrongdoing, which conveys a punishment of as long as one-year detainment or potentially a $1,000 fine.

Closed areas of Tampa

Tampa Bay had three significant fights on Saturday, all of which started calmly. Things got ugly as the sunset in North Tampa, close Busch Gardens, and later at University Mall, where poisonous gas and elastic shots were utilized to scatter dissidents who got savage toward police.