Sticky Wilds In Slots Explained


Slots are huge money-spinners in the gambling world, so much so that in the UK they have become the number one revenue maker for the gambling industry. It is not clear why punters are attracted to games at Slots Mummy as they always give the casino an edge over the punter and each spin is randomly created by a computer microchip called the Random Number Generator. What this does is make each spin outcome highly unpredictable to say the least. 

There are a few theories out there that suggest that the unpredictability is part of the appeal and so is the satisfaction of overcoming the odds and beating the house. The obvious appeal of slots is that they are simple to play, thrilling, fun and cater for all budgets. They are also highly accessible to the public and this was not the case before internet casinos were introduced back in 1996. However, the major attraction of slots is still the bonus rounds and they come in all shapes and sizes and some have huge potential. It’s the bonus rounds that every gambler wants to hit and the biggest aspect of slots popularity. 

Bonus Rounds and Why They Exist 

Bonus rounds exist to pull in punters and break the monotony of the base game. However, they also serve the purpose to help punters win some of their cash back. If there were no chance of winning, then punters would have no interest in slots whatsoever. Bonus rounds come in all shapes and sizes and they help punters with some free chances of winning some cash. 

Different Bonuses 

Since technology has improved slots can now offer many different multilayered bonuses. The basics still hold true though and if you hit three or more bonus or scatter symbols, then the bonus round is activated. The bonus round used to mainly exist of free spins but now you have ‘Money Trails’ and ‘Big Money’ bonuses too. Wilds are an important part of bonus rounds and slots in general and modern slots have introduced the sticky wild into the base game and bonus rounds of slots. 

Sticky Wilds In Slots 

A sticky wild is a wild symbol that lands on the reels when a special feature or bonus round is triggered. These wild symbols act like any other wild and helps create winning sequences by mimicking other symbols. The difference here is that they either stick where they land throughout the bonus or for a set number of spins. They can also stick to the reels but slide across them until they leave. The Invisible Man slot has this feature whilst Rumple Wildspins has a sticky wild feature in the bonus where the wilds stay stuck in their positions for the entire bonus round.  King Kong Cash has a number of bonus features and one includes sticky wilds. During the free spins, any wilds collected will stay within the reels. The difference here is that they do not remain stuck in the position they landed and are randomly moved around the reels with each spin. The beauty of sticky wilds in slots is that they vastly increase your chances of landing big winning sequences.