Spotify expands to over new 80 Countries


Expansion of Spotify

Spotify is an audio streaming service developed in Sweden launched in 2008 this platform is owned by Spotify AB Spotify has announced an expansion to over 80 new countries including Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, etc.


  • This exciting expanding news  shared during the Stream on the digital event on February 22nd 
  • The service has launched service in 80 new countries across Asia, Africa, The Caribbean, Ghana, Haiti, Zambia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Latin America, Europe, and more
  • The company says that they have expanded the services because they need to increase local offerings
  • Spotify is available for mobile app and web browsers for now and it will be also expanding with further features such as TV, Speakers, wearables, car audio. These features will release in the upcoming months


And also service is bringing users all-new 36 languages to be more user friendly to new markets

Spotify acceleration is more likely to add new genres to their databases such as Afrobeats, Amapiano, K-Pop, and Reggaeton that has earned more attention in the global market

The existing music cultures only on local markets now can expand their music with the global markets. This will help local artists to convert their passion to profession

Spotify Premium Packages

As usual, free and premium packages are available for new users,

it will also give the individual, student, Duo, Familly packages will be available also in these new markets



Spotify service is not only the music but also they provide podcast service. and in this expansion full podcast catalogs of the global streaming will be launched for the majority of the countries they work with local partners to introduce podcasts from their catalog

the chief freemium business officer said that,

“getting more users on our platform creates more opportunities for artists and podcasters to make a living from their work. And more local creators means more Spotify content for our users to listen,”

  • Spotify has there owned 340 active users and 150 million premium users using its ad-free premium content across 93 markets.
  • this expansion will take this stream to 178 markets globally