Splitgate dev looks to become ‘the next Riot Games’, raised $100M Funding

A cover image of Splitgate Game
Credit: Splitgate

It’s quite a while after the release of Splitgate. (Almost two years) Now, it has become one of the most popular games around the world. 1047 Games developed the Halo-meets-Portal arena shooter. And it is considered as their first-ever own creation. Recently, 1047 Games has secured a massive $100 million funding for the development of Splitgate from investors. With this success, the developer of Splitgate is eyeing to become ‘the next Riot Games.

The sudden heavy traffic load might be a problem for the game’s servers. Therefore, the moderators have already applied some modifications. And they have managed it very well so far. 1047 Games was founded in 2016 by Ian Proulx and Nicholas Bahamian. Ian is the current CEO of the company. At that time, Warframe & World of Tanks were on a prolific path. After hard-working five years, they are planning to develop Splitgate as their studio’s League of Legends. It’s an achievable target right now because Splitgate is going nicely with Steam. It has already broken some Steam records.

1047 Games announced they received an investment following its third round of funding for a $1.5 bn valuation. The investment has boosted the company surprisingly. The first and second rounds were difficult periods. Just before six months, almost all investors turned down the proposal of 1047 Games with a big “NO.” But they never gave up. So, the hard work paid off.

The second round went from phone calls to funding over a weekend. Again, human Capital was the investor for it. In the third round, Lightspeed Venture Partners is the lead investor for Splitgate. Other supporting investors are Human Capital, Draper University, Anthos Capital, VGames, DraperDragon, and Lakestar. Earlier seed round investors Galaxy Interactive & New York-based venture capital firm Insight Partners will also invest in Splitgate.

Previously, the plan was to launch Splitgate in July on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. But the 1047 Games team had to delay the proper launch until August due to the sudden popularity. It was an open beta version. However, then 1047 Games decided not to release the Splitgate for the near future. Split gate hit more than 10 million downloads within the first month. Now, it grew to almost 13 million. It’s a milestone for the developers of Splitgate. It will help to grow up their confidence as well.

The current CEO of 1047 games described how they came to this level in a recent interview. It’s a funny story and full of commitment. In 2015-2016, almost all game developers followed one method. After developed games for years, they spent all of their money on the launch for its promotions. It was risky for small companies. So, 1047 Games decided to use their entire budget on the product. According to that, they did a small launch.

The investors refused him because they thought Splitgate wasn’t competing with other popular genres like battle royales and hero shooters. But the demand was there. So, Proulx didn’t give up his visions. Quake Arena was going nicely too. But Proulx thinks it’s way too hard for Fortnite kids in the 12-13 age group. So, eventually, he is going to fill that gap. It’s his end-game.

Over the summer, thousands of gamers played FPS Splitgate wildly, thanks to its fast-paced action and other exclusive options. The split-gate is more familiar with games like Halo, Quake 3, and Unreal Tournament. Its unique abilities get highlighted when comparing to other games. The developers gave us unthinkable mobility to the action. Proulx prefers Rocket League when it comes to a better comparison with Splitgate. Rocket League is also a popular game that always gives us fun.

1047 Games are planning many things right now. So, Let’s check out what’s going to happen to Splitgate as well as the 1047 Games. According to their official statements, these are the changes that might come from the near future. They strongly noted that the funding was just one step in their journey as a gaming studio. And they won’t sell the company to a big guy in the industry.

First of all, they are going to expand their developers. There are a lot of vacancies for software engineers. Data Engineers, QA Engineers, Full-stack Engineers, Unreal Engine Developers, and Backend Engineers will be on the line. The company’s goal is to turn on the best features in Splitgate. So, if they want to convert it into a reality, the company needs more team members. 1047 Games has already opened a web page to apply for those vacancies. If you’re qualified and interested in the game development industry, give it a try. The web page’s link is on the official website of Splitgate.

Usually, the developers of Splitgate read their fans’ opinions, ideas, and suggestions via Twitter and other social media. Therefore, they are going to give the much-awaited update to Splitgate as soon as possible. Following the update, more new features will be available to enjoy. And the team is always trying to fix the annoying bugs too.

Most likely, the map editor feature won’t be close. Earlier, they hinted that a Forge Mode would take place on the game before Halo Infinite. But a map editor feature will be there in the radars of the developers. Who knows? The fans always have a chance after all with this buzz. Split gate Devs are also considering a single-player experience. Right now, it is on the table. 1047 Games has lots of ideas about that though they think it could be a Halo-style single-player campaign. Another idea is to covert Splitgate into a Franchise Mode like traditional sports games.

The next thing is your suggestion. The fans have been asking for a Nintendo Switch version of the game for quite some time. They’d also love to see that portal-on-the-go experience and playing Splitgate on the Steam Deck. However, 1047 Games needs more engineers to fulfill that task. So they are searching other platforms as well because Spligate isn’t available on many platforms yet. As for now, they are considering Google Stadia and Amazon Luna to approach as their most possibility is the mobile.

All the above things are large-scale ideas. They aren’t official announcements. No matter what, we always have hope as the fans, right?