SEO Tactics to Obtain Market Position & Business Benefits or Losses

SEO tactics
SEO tactics

Due to the current pandemic situation that the world facing, All of the business platforms such as online and retail, medical, entertainment, shipping, cargo services, etc are facing unexpected and ongoing sales down.

SEO tactics for growing sales

Record server logs

  • To support this goal, ongoing data recording is very critical.
  • normally raw server log is generated when a search engine bot or user requests a pageThe analysis of full,
  • unprocessed raw web server logs over a long period of time can provide invaluable insights into website performance.
  • It has the capability of detecting spider traps and providing information on crawl budget prioritization.
  • The latter point contains potentially essential information about re-crawl cycle timelines, which can be lengthy, ranging from a few months to over a year.



  • Although a brand is not a ranking factor for search engines, it does have an effect on click-through rates and is thus important for SEO success.
  • This is why, with such high exposure, there is a chance to imprint the brand on consumers, increasing the likelihood that they will show a preference for the brand while competing for attention in search engine result pages.


  • Similar to how brand recognition affects CTR,
  • page performance has a significant effect on bounce rate as a measure of user satisfaction.
  • In a nutshell, the more people search for an alternate landing page to the one they just abandoned,
  • the lower the rankings of that abandoned website become.
  • As a result, controlling user expectations entails providing content to users as quickly as possible.
  • Although site performance optimization can be complicated, the overarching goal is straightforward: faster is better..
  • One of the most important factors in offering a convenient user experience and ensuring a responsive service for regular bot crawls is the hosting or cloud computing services used.

SEO Tactics for Recovery from Falling Sales

SEO Tactics
SEO Tactics
  • The SEO call to action is looming for website owners who are experiencing significant search visibility issues and, as a result, sales losses.
  • This covers enterprises in the travel and tourism sectors, as well as subscription membership companies.
  • . As a result, organic search traffic has plummeted, even among market leaders.
  • Major projects like domain and/or content migration, CMS change, transitioning to PWA or an entirely new tech stack,
  • improving page performance, scrubbing legacy backlink profiles, and so on can be difficult.
  • However, with no traffic or conversions to speak of at the moment, the