Tips to recharge your social battery.

Self-care ideas for introverts
Self-care ideas


How fast a meeting, phone call, or self-introductions would drain your social battery?  If you are an introvert reading this article to find out self-care ideas to get your sanity back after a long day with an unbearable amount of social interactions, I do not have to explain to you how social burnout feels like. When you see a meeting, call, or a discussion in your schedule you know you are going to walk back home with no energy to talk a word with your family. Parties, family gatherings, and hangouts that other people organize to have fun are only stressing out you but you cannot refuse to take part because those are the people who you love and care about.

Being an introvert in a world where the majority are extroverts is not an easy job. All the social standards and expectations that we have to live up to are set based on extrovert behavior and that is why we, the introverts have to struggle pretending to be the extroverts that we are not. Till we hear about that one perfect universe where introverts can live their dream undisturbed life, we will have to go with the flow for survival. Those social interactions that drain you are unavoidable despite the stage of life you are passing and all you can do is recharging yourself to face the next day with confidence. Here are few self-care tips for introverts that will help to recover from social burnouts.  I have covered self-care ideas from three different categories as physical, social, and emotional so you can establish a holistic self-care routine to ensure your mental wellbeing as an introvert.


Introverts do not hate being with friends and family or interacting with new people. It is only that we have a limited capacity to be exposed to social interactions. Our energy burns quickly when we are socializing with people who are not familiar with them. Therefore, introverts maintain small and well-picked social circles. These self-care tips will help you to avoid extra stress in dealing with people.

Self-care tips for introverts

1.    Social media cleanse

Social media is a recent addition to the human lifestyle which has become an essential part of our lives. Everyone talks about the negative impact of social media but leaving these platforms is not easy as it is where we keep in touch with most of our long-distance friends and family. So all we can do is using social media carefully without overwhelming and depressing ourselves.

Social media cleanse involves unfollowing and unfriending the social media accounts that drain your energy. Unfollow those accounts which make you worry about your body shape, skin color, relationship status, or lifestyle, and follow the accounts that motivate you to do better in your life. Choose who can see your stories, texts you, and comments on your photos as they can affect your mentality directly.

There can be many texts waiting for your response but prioritize which of those gets your attention first. Do not feel guilty to avoid or block the people who stress out you or make you feel uncomfortable. Creating a safe, healthy and comfortable social media atmosphere is a self-care practice for everyone whether you are an introvert or not.

2.    Share your feelings with a good friend

A social burnout will have you silent and isolated but sharing your feelings will help you to soothe yourself. We all have a small social circle where we can be ourselves and dump everything that bubbles in our minds. Sharing your thoughts with someone else will reduce your vulnerability to mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress while helping you identify toxic, abusive people that you need to avoid.

It can be a friend, spouse, or even a parent that you are comfortable talking with. Call, text or meet them and let your thoughts flow out. Let them know if you just need an ear to listen to you or you expect them to advise you so you can avoid unnecessary feedback that might come in your way.

3.    Solo dates

Who said that a date needs to have two people? A date should be some quality time you spend with a person you like. Why not take the most loved person of your life, “yourself” on a date? Find a free time and an activity that will make you happy.  This can be an indoor activity or an outdoor activity but you must treat yourself as well as you would treat a guest if there was one at that date. Followings are some solo date ideas that you can try out.

  • DIY Spa night
  • Go out for a manicure/pedicure
  • Visit a museum or an art gallery
  • Camping at a safe place (Maybe in your garden)
  • Stargazing with a glass of wine
  • Visit a library
  • Serve yourself a three-course meal
  • Read outside or at another place you like


Our emotions are the reasons for our joys, sorrows, pleasures, and pains. There is no way that we can avoid them, but we can have control over them even though it is not easy. Introverts are more likely to sensitive than others so they can be emotionally affected in few seconds which is the most common underlying reason for their introversion. These self-care ideas for introverts will help them to have better control over their emotions.

4.    Journaling

Journaling is an art that comes down from long past history but now it is well embraced by the modern generation as a self-care practice and a creativity exercise. A journal can be maintained as a daily logbook of feelings or a notebook to gather your suddenly emerging thoughts. There are many types of journals depending on your preference level for creativity and the time you can invest in.

When you write you systematically write down your thoughts in a journal, you will gain awareness of your emotions. You will notice and acknowledge your emotions and what caused them. Understanding the causes of negative emotions through journaling will show you what people and situations to avoid or minimize for the sake of your mental health.

5.    Brain Dumping

Is there an overwhelming thought in your head which you cannot get rid of? Take a pen and paper and write down every thought that pops up in your head. Ask yourself questions such as what am I feeling now? Why am I feeling like that? What caused me those feelings? Go through your noted down feelings and do whatever you can to solve them. Identify the causes of your uneasy emotions and try to avoid them or be prepared for the next time.

When your social battery is drained, you do not talk with anyone else, and writing your feelings on paper is the best option for you to sort out your thoughts. When you read a written note, you will have a fresh perspective on your thoughts and see better ways to help yourself to solve the problem or manage the situation that you are worried about.

Self-care tips for introverts

6.    Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply about being fully present at the moment irrespective of the task that you are performing. This is a relaxing exercise that anyone can practice at any place. Being completely focused and aware of your thoughts and actions needs some effort and requires practice but this is not a complicated concept to follow.

There are many mindfulness exercises that you can practice such as mindfulness meditation, body scan, mindful walking, and mindful eating. Introverts will benefit from mindfulness in several ways through controlling overthinking and reducing stress.


We show our love to our bodies through eating healthy, sleeping enough, and working out. Did you know that your love for your body can benefit your mental health too? We have heard about how physical activities increase the blood flow to the brain and improve your performance. But there is much more such as improving your focus and clearing up your thoughts. These are few self-care ideas for introverts to recharge by engaging their body.

7.    Exercising

Moving your body is a compulsory habit to stay healthy. Kids, teenagers, adults, and everyone needs to have exercise in their daily schedule considering its benefits both to your body and mind. You might have the perfect BMI with proper weight and body shape but exercising will still have benefits to offer you. Daily workouts will burn the excess calories and most importantly, boost your mental wellbeing.

Working out can help an introvert to regain the energy that they lost from social burnout. You can forget intruding thoughts that bother you by focusing on your body movements while exercising. Yoga, which is a combination of meditation and exercising is highly recommended for introverts to try out as a self-care activity.

8.    Cooking/Baking

Although this is not an activity loved by everyone, cooking has a magical power to heal a person and boost their self-satisfaction. If you are someone who cooks every day, try cooking a grand meal or a special dish you love as your self-care activity. Take your time and enjoy each step of the process. You can create an extra special atmosphere to enjoy your homemade delicacy by lighting an aromatic candle or playing good music. Cooking or baking will not only relax your mind but also grow your self-confidence.

9.    Go for a walk

Interacting with the environment is one of the most preferred hobbies of introverts. Instead of isolating yourself at home while recovering from your social hungover, step outside and go for a walk. This can be a short or a long walk according to your mood and can happen at any time, morning, evening, or night. If you do not want to meet or talk with people on your way, choose an uncrowded path/area or a time when there will be few or no people walking around in your block.

Enjoy your view, whether it is abundant with trees, bushes, and birds or not. Look at the buildings, houses, and gardens at trying to read the stories they have to tell. I am not kidding but talking to the trees, birds, and dogs too will soothe your mind if you are someone who loves one end conversations.  The more you immerse yourself in your surrounding will be the better you will feel at the end of your walk.