Samsung’s new flip z glass: is it real glass or plastic?


 Why do you have questions on this?? We know as per the details this flip z display glass is made out with a glass. But flip z glass can be folded like plastic. As our knowledge glass cannot be folded. That is why you have a question on this. Then we have to make a decision from the above facts. This cannot be real glass. Either this cannot be made out of plastic. Because this is called glass. So the above Samsung new flip z glass made out with a thin layer of glass. That thin glass shows the abilities of folding. That shows impossible. But you can see the proof in front of your eyes. That is the main specification of the above-mentioned Samsung new flip z glass. We can know more details from the following. Shall we move forward? 

Samsung galaxy Z flip

   This is the protective glass. Also, this is the glass of the phone. Altogether, a flexible glass definitely wanted this type of mobile phone. This Samsung phone is flexible enough to fold and put into a pocket. Or else you can put that phone in your bag or the accessories. So for such a type of phone, the above flexible glass is needed. Except for the flexibility of glass, this is durable. And that can take more risks. Although it is rich in beauty. 

Plastic? or Glass?

  There are no actual words to describe the phone and the glass protector. Z flip has an infinity flex display. Along with that, it is an immersive dynamic AMOLED screen. Although it has a very high and rich color quality. It helps to reduce the intensity of the blue light. You will be provided with 6.7 inches of great viewing. There is a most suitable word to explain that. Exactly that is a cinematic experience. 

   This is the first-ever folding protective glass. As in the above mentioned, this is made out using an ultra-thin glass. Also, that is a flat-screen. You can feel it as a smooth screen. And you can adjust the phone as you wish. You can keep it for many angles. Plus there is another thing that makes obstacles. That is dirt particles and dust particles. There is very updated technology here. From that one, the dust particles and dirt particles will remove automatically. Now you know more specifications of the above glass protector. There are more. Shall we see more of them?? 


Handsfree features of Samsung galaxy z flip

    With these features, the above phone allows you to make hands-free video calls. And amazing selfies. You can take photos in various conditions. I think you already know it. You can keep your phone like fold it, flip it and stand it. There is no matter the way you keep it. You can feel the unlimited experience. As I said above, the position is not required.  flip z is glass phone with feel like the plastic display.

  For this ultimate camera experience, the flexibility of this phone is a much-needed feature. You know this phone can be kept for multiple angles. Those multiple angles will help you with the rich photo shoot. Among those various shots, the low angle shot is the significant one. From the low angle position, it can generate photos with thought-provoking. That method is known as a new power pose. 

New Night Mode of Z flip

   I especially want to tell you about the night time images. As the day time night time even the camera is perfect. Yes, the camera on the phone is very powerful. You know there are long exposure shots. Sometimes this is acting as a tripod when it is along with a free top folding. There is a new kind of feature. That is called the night hyperlapse. 

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Z

Z flip, What is the meaning of Z flip?

  Also, you can feel fresh at your calls. You can shift it to Google duo video call. As you know there is a 10MP front camera. You know the above phone can work as a half screen even. Through the flex mode, there can be apps split. From that, the top part of the phone will become the viewing area. If you are multitasking this is the most suitable smartphone. You can work from two apps at once. Also, You can easily see a screen with 6.7 inches. 

   You can control your phone when it is shut even. When that takes place you will be notified by its cover screen. We have to talk about the internal of the phone exactly. There is a dual battery. That is doing an important task. Because it is acting on a limited space. That is because of the folding and the unfolding of the phone. That is 3300mAh. There is even storage of 256GB. Plus there is a 7nm processor and 8 GB RAM.

  Now we came to the end of the above topic. You got more details about the galaxy z flip. Feel the change of it. now you know the answer. Is flip Z glass or plastic? Do you like to know about iPhone 12, click here