Protests over George Floyd’s death continue

Death of George Floyd

How was this incident?

It was a terrible night the last day. Because of George Floyd’s death. Also, there had many protests over George Floyd’s death. Not only protests but also a huge crowd of people did not legal things against George Floyd’s death. George Floyd is a 46 – year- an old black man. He died with the incident of a police officer. Don’t panic to read. Let’s go to the latest news about protests over George Floyd’s death Continue.

About Protests

According to the Minnesota government, Tim Walz said First of all protesters were so peaceful, but lately, it was really dangerous. The incidents of Lake Street and Hiawatha in Minneapolis got many dangerous and terrible. According to that Mr. Tim wrote on twitter “all of you should stay and leave that place, we should allow firefighters and doctors to escape the innocents and people who wounded.

Death of George Floyd

The reason for protests

People gathered on Tuesday 26th of May, around the Minneapolis Police 3rd precinct against Floyd’s death. At that time police officers made a police barrier. But it was not good at all. All the protester’s target was windows of houses and shops. They smashed their water bottles and stones towards the shops and windows. Across the street, they burnt tires and made the fire. Also, they made a fire and threw it into the shops and houses. If police officers shoot tear gas protests not ended. Time to time they smashed stones and hard things towards the police. Also, CNN News said that firefighters came to that area and stopped the flames. Some strange people looted and damaged stores in that area.

What said Floyd’s relatives?

On Wednesday Floyd’s lawyer said according to Floyd’s relatives we should do peaceful protests and having social distancing. Also, they said we should stay at home and should help our doctors and healthcare workers.

Who arrested?

According to the Minneapolis Police identified four officers who have joined to do this. They are Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and Alexander Kueng. With saying Chauvin’s attorney described the released video saying he did the right thing. But all identified officers have arrested right now on Tuesday.

The end

However, I think this case will continue for a better peaceful country and we should care about our democracy to get the correct legal result. If law corrects these people may not do unlawful things against police. A few hours later George Floyd’s video of that incident released to social media. According to that this police officer’s works are not so good. However, we don’t know that actually what he did. Whenever will come the truth that who is the correct person.

However, according to this incident, bad persons in police came in front of the people. During this coronavirus pandemic such a cruel thing this is?

Floyd was proclaimed dead at a close-by clinic in a matter of seconds a while later. A finding on the reason and way of Floyd’s passing is pending and it is being researched by nearby, state, and government law requirement, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office said.

Death of George Floyd