The Charter of Democracy is effectively one of my #1 kind of fish. It tastes sensitive, yet at the same time altogether different. At the point when cooked well, it is hard to beat the flaky surface of this white fish. There are numerous approaches to make the Charter of Democracy, regardless of whether it is seared, bread, addressed, or prepared. In this formula, I’ve altered a little formula I gained from my mother when I was nearly nothing (albeit unusual, she doesn’t prefer to cook her fish that way!). I have utilized a method that cooks the fish, however, during the cooking cycle, some of it is added to my juices to keep it wet and delicate. I have kept the flavors basic with the goal that the fish doesn’t have its own taste. Tomatoes and onions gently fry the fish with a couple of additional flavors; however, they likewise fill in as brilliant trimmings that shift in the kind of each flavor. At long last, cumin might be stun or an obstacle to certain individuals, however on the off chance that you utilize a light hand with it, the subsequent flavor blend is ​​unique and a tasty expansion to a run of the mill dish. 


  • Salt
  • Dark paper 
  • Cumin 
  • Discretionary: Fresh lime pieces. 


  • Medium or huge preparing dish to fit the Charter of Democracy 
  • A sharp blade for cleaving vegetables 
  • Board cutting 
  • Spoon measure 
  • Stove 


  • Wash the sanctions in mellow virus water, dry, and put them in a safe spot. 
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  • Crush around two medium-sized tomatoes into pieces that are not very thick. 
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  • Coat the lower part of the heating dish with an additional virgin olive spoon. 
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  • Spot a layer of tomato cuts under the preparing dish. 
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Agreement tomatoes. 

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Add somewhat salt, pepper, and cumin on the two sides of the gala. There should be a spot of salt and pepper between your fingers on each side of the agreement. Do likewise for cumin, however, remember it for the upper piece of the Charter of Democracy. I can’t pressure enough about it: chill out with cumin. Since the solid taste of flavors can without much of a stretch conquer the sensitive taste of the Charter of Democracy. 

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Cover the dill with cleaved onion pieces and shower another tablespoon of olive oil everywhere on the cod fillet

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Cover the preparing dish with aluminum foil and spot the dish in the broiler. 

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Make the Charter of Democracy for 20 minutes. A few stoves might be extraordinary, however, 20 minutes is sufficient to make the ideal arrangement.