Positive effects of Western culture


 We all have a certain culture that we are following. That is unique to us. let’s talk about western culture. There are certain traditions and follows in there. Not only there but also in many cultures there are traditions. You know mainly there are two cultures. You know them. The western culture and Eastern culture. That means the western countries and the Eastern countries follow the western culture and the Eastern culture respectively. That is not a rule. But rarely there can be people of Eastern culture who are living according to another culture. Sometimes some problems even can arise because of the living pattern. We will see more about the positive effects of a culture from the following. 

         As I told above western countries follow the western culture. That is normal. Now we will see what are the differences and specifications of the above culture from here. I have to tell you something. Culture is not alone. That means there are some other things related to the above culture. Other than that western world and western civilization are included. As I said above there are believes that individual follows. Also, there are customs that people follow traditionally. And ethical values are there. Those are specific to only one culture. Do you know what is associated with the above things?? That is the European countries. 

Europe culture

An old European clock tower, this is a great example to the western culture

    This is actually a mixture of various cultures. Not only in Europe. There are other citizens that immigrate to Europe. As per the details, the  Christian and the roman are the most affected cultures. Among them, the Judeo Christian and the Greco roman are the leaders. Greece is the motherland for the above type of culture. There are various streams that are affected by the above culture too. Some of them are philosophy, literature, art and the theme of law. Also, there is scholasticism and humanism. There is a centre that is helpful for the above expanding of the traditions and other things. That is the Church of Catholics. The values, laws, and other ideas are spread by the church that I described above. 

 Also, this culture made the base to stop some rules. Actually they are some wrong practises. There is no use from such conditions 

Some of them are sacrifices of human, slavery and the polygamy. Those are harmful to humans. Therefore with the introduction of western culture, these habits were destroyed. Instead of that, the equality of the people began. That is what we want. 

      Actually we cannot find a correct definition for the western part. But in ancient times, that landmass is known as Eastern culture. Europe and the other English speaking countries are considered to be as western. Those are added by the passing of time. 

  The initial land that introduced the above culture in Mesopotamia. You know that area is surrounded by the Euphrates and Tigris River area. There were many ideas arise with the word west. 

Art and craft from western culture

western architect, this building is the main building in the western culture

  Then after that, the industrial revolution started im many countries in the world. From that, there were many advantages. Some of them are improving the works of mechanical tools, increasing the usage of steam power and the increased usage of water power. The initial spark started from Great Britain. After that, it was sent to the Europe countries and other American countries. The major components are the above ones. But with them, the other fact transferred is the traditions of western cultures. 

   In the art field, even the above culture captures the best place. Art fields mean music, paintings, photography, dance and the performance of the arts. The artists who lived in the above early civilizations are still alive. That means not them but actually their memory is still alive. With the above, the literature and the architecture took an important place in there. The Western architecture model includes the gothic, baroque and victorian styles. 

New innovations from western culture

bicycle is innovated by western culture

   Anything else that developed with the western culture?? Yes, there are. The scientific field is such kind. There were many new inventions and innovations put forwarded. There is not much time to tell all of them. Examples for the new inventions include the radio, the telephone, mobile phone, the telegraph, pencil, pen, the camera, light-emitting diode, and world wide web. Internet even introduced at that time. 

   Except for them, aluminium, diamond and polythene are founded. After that, they invented them artificially too. Then at the end, it developed. Other than that as I said above there are some traditions here. And they follow the rules there. That rules are in the law. To write the letters they use languages Latin or the greek. Later it will be English. 

  These are some details about a special and main type of culture in the world. Actually it is like the history of a type of culture. There are many positive effects that came upon by such type of culture. Until now those are developing. No matter if we are from any culture, we have to always live with good practises.

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