OnePlus 9 hands on experience and review

OnePlus 9 Review
OnePlus 9 Review

The OnePlus 9 – along with the OnePlus 9 Pro – is the new flagship from a company that, after changing its phone strategy to compete directly with other luxury handsets, has always suffered in one category: cameras.

  • OnePlus has built its name on two things: the finest specs and the lowest rates, for the better part of a decade. 
  • The latter has eroded with time, and OnePlus has now launched its “Pro” lineup, which, well, produces a device that clearly contradicts the maxim “Never Settle.
  • ” However, in 2021, the standard OnePlus 9 will still be in the shadow of the Pro, but it will be a better option than ever before.
  • To counter this shortcoming, OnePlus has formed a three-year partnership with Hasselblad, a renowned photography firm, to develop the photo capability of its smartphones.

OnePlus 9 Performance  

  • The OnePlus 9 is coming with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 chipset, 
  • Although the RAM and storage options are the same as the OnePlus 8, they’re comparable to other premium phones in its price category.
  • To be honest, the raw production is fantastic. 
  • The Snapdragon 888 is a fast chip that flies when combined with 8GB of RAM and a 120Hz display. 
  • There are very few scrolling hiccups, and everything I did that needed raw horsepower ran smoothly. 

OnePlus 9 Design

  • Aside from the clearly different camera block, the OnePlus 9 has an unmistakably identical architecture to its predecessor, the OnePlus 8T.
  • It has the same 6.55-inch glass-fronted panel and glass back as its predecessor,
  • As well as the same lock button and signature OnePlus ring/vibrate/silent toggle on the right side and volume rocker button on the left, 
  • Both of which are readily accessible while keeping the handset casually. 
  • There’s also a second speaker out of the earpiece, as well as the same USB-C connector on the bottom of the speaker on the top.
  • The OnePlus 9 differs from its predecessor in one way:
  • The frame is made of plastic rather than aluminum. 
  • The OnePlus 9 is also IP68-rated for dust and water resistance – if you get it from T-Mobile; otherwise, it’s conspicuously unrated,
  • Despite being similar in design, winkingly offering the same security but without the expensive credential.

Display performance

  • The OnePlus 9 has a 6.55-inch AMOLED display with a Full HD Plus resolution (2400 x 1080) as previously stated. 
  • It delivers sharp, vivid graphics in the same way that its predecessor’s show did.
  • Just a punch-hole in the top-left corner for the front-facing camera breaks up the screen. 
  • It has an in-screen fingerprint reader,
  • But we found that it only read our print accurately when our finger was upright in relation to the phone, 
  • So don’t be surprised if you have to open the phone with your face or passcode from time to time.

The camera performance of the OnePlus 9

  • The OnePlus 9 has a triple-camera configuration on the back, but you’ll actually only need two of them. 
  • You’ll mostly use the 48MP main camera and 50MP ultra-wide camera, while the 2MP monochrome sensor assists in low-light shooting and black-and-white images if you use the right filter.
  • The big news in the camera department is OnePlus’ three-year deal with renowned camera brand Hasselblad, which has already yielded the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro cameras. 
  • It could be a year (or more) before Hasselblad lenses make their way into the company’s tablets, and the company’s main contribution this period is color calibration.
OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9

Release date and price

  • The OnePlus 9 has released on March 23,
  • It will be available for purchase on April 2 in the United States and April 26 in the United Kingdom. 
  • We don’t expect OnePlus to sell this phone in Australia because the company doesn’t sell its products there.
  • The OnePlus 9 costs $729 / £629 (approximately AU$940) for the 8GB RAM / 128GB storage model,
  • $829 / £729 (approximately AU$1070) for the 12GB RAM / 256GB storage model.
  • The OnePlus 9 is marginally less expensive and more affordable than the Samsung S21, which starts at $799 / £769 / AU$1,249.
  • It also makes the handset a decent value as compared to the OnePlus 9 Pro;
  • although it lacks a few main features and flourishes
  • (telephoto lens, 50W wireless charging), it’s significantly less expensive than its more expensive counterpart,
  • which begins at $969 / £829 (roughly AU$1,250).