Omicron Variant – You Should Know These


We’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for about two years. With that experience, we know the virus keeps changing into various mutations. As a result, scientists have found four dominant variants. They are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. They have already done the damage globally. We all know how the Delta variant affected the whole world. Recently, epidemiologists have discovered the newest covid variant named “Omicron.” Everything you must know about the new covid variant is below. 

What is Omicron?

Omicron is the latest and the fifth major covid variant. Its scientific name is B.1.1.529. South African scientists have found the first case of the Omicron covid 19 variant. Some scientists believe that it’s milder than the Delta variant. These are still just personal opinions. We have to wait some time to know the exact crisis.  

What are the symptoms of Omicron?

Extreme tiredness, mild muscle aches, dry cough, and a scratchy throat are the primary symptoms of Omicron. Unlike with Delta, patients are not reporting the loss of smell or taste. 

Although it’s the early stage of the Omicron variant, the cases are rising rapidly. Especially across the countries. There’s always a chance to get worst than Delta. But still, the latest mutant variant has done no extreme damage. However, WHO warns that it’s still too early to act with some of those theories.

Where has Omicron spread?

As for now, the new covid variant has spread in more than 55 countries. African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria & Namibia are at a massive threat. The United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Australia are among them. India & Singapore also reported the first Omicron cases. Overall, almost every region has found Covid-19 new variant cases. 

Are vaccines effective against Omicron?

Yes, the best way to protect yourself against Omicron is to get vaccinated. First of all, you need to get the first two doses. The majority of the people have already received their two jabs. Therefore, get the booster dose quickly as possible if you’re fully vaccinated. It will keep you more protective against any variant. The worst-case scenario will be a mild infection or an asymptomatic one if you happen to have an infection. That’s why health officials encourage vaccination.

Pfizer & BioNTeck company says its booster offers strong protection against the Omicron variant. More importantly, the significant immunity. The officials added that two jabs might not be sufficient to fight against the mutant variant. They’ve come to this belief after their successful laboratory test.


Can I be more protective?

Yes, absolutely. You have to follow the Covid-19 guidelines and circularsCountries regularly update them. So you need to apply them. If you can’t follow every precaution, at least stick to these three simple steps.   

  •    Wear a mask 
  •    Clean your hands 
  •    Keep a safe distance 

                                      and Save Lives.