Odds of casino jackpots explained


If there is one thing about casino gambling that is completely and utterly undeniable, it is the fact that all of the various casino games are ultimately controlled by one thing and one thing only: the concept of probability. This is where the very idea of casino odds comes from, as each game will have a slightly different chance of winning or losing, something that is worked out via complex mathematics. 

This is, ultimately, where the idea of casino jackpot odds comes from, and it is also very useful for gamblers who are trying to decide on a casino game to play. Moreover, the great thing about knowing the odds of casino jackpots is that you can also accurately estimate how much money you could win depending on your stake, and this is invaluable knowledge for when you are deciding on how much to wager on a bet. Keep reading for the odds of some casino jackpots explained or click to play.


Generally speaking, the odds of a casino jackpot whilst playing the game of blackjack are some of the best that you can find in a casino, this is part of the reason why the game has remained so popular over the several hundred years of its existence. Moreover, blackjack is a very easy game to pick up due to its inherent simplicity, and there are also famous techniques such as blackjack card counting that can further increase your odds. 

Typically the odds of a casino jackpot when playing the standard version of blackjack are 1:1 for simply winning, 3:2 for getting blackjack and 2:1 for insurance bets. Additionally the house edge tends to be around 0.13% for most games of blackjack, however this liable to change for other versions of blackjack such as Spanish blackjack and big five blackjack. 


Slot machines have some of the highest house edges in a casino, and up until the emergence of online slots it was difficult to find the odds of winning at these infectious gambling games. This all changed with online slots, however, as a whole new set of regulations hit the slot market, and made it compulsory for developers and online casino sites to disclose the RTP of their games. 

Now, RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is basically a percentage value that indicates the chances of winning a casino jackpot. This is a vital piece of information for gamblers, as it shows the average amount that a player can expect to see back from their initial stake. 96% tends to be about the average RTP rating, however they can also be a lot higher or lower. 


Baccarat isn’t quite as popular as blackjack or slot machines, however it does have some of the most enticing odds in the entirety of the casino world, hence why so many gamblers love giving it a shot. 

The player bet has odds of 1:1, whilst the banker is 1:1, and the tie is 8:1.