Oculus Quest 2 Experience & Review Upgrades

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2


I have been using Oculus Quest 2 headset for a couple of weeks though. oculus has upgraded the 2019 version to a new version by improving its screen, reducing its weight, and making it more comfortable. and the most valuable thing is they dropped their price from $399 to $299, making the quest 2 one of the lowest and super quality priced headset on the market

  • Oculus is devoloping by one of the social giants Facebook.
  • They have developed their ecosystem last year.
Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2

whats new

  • Oculus Quest 2 is dramatically like a new headset.
  • previous facebook owned devices came with a black design
  • quest 2 has a pure white body and a black form mask it has a two-toned appearance.
  • the quest 2 is looking very similar to quest but a little smaller than the quest.
  • Both the devices have the same rounded plastic made in the front.
  • there is an outward-facing tracking camera on every corner.
  • All the plastic body on quest 2 feels sterile. the controllers of quest 2 are white


  • You cant expect many new features from the new quest 2.
  • But there are few major upgrades that any user will love.
  • this device has 6GB memory instead of 4GB. the main model has 64GB of storage also like quest 1.
  • you can expand the storage if you are willing to pay 399$.
  • It use Qualcomm’s snapdragon XR2 chipset.it can run good-looking games without any trouble. also, it has heavily optimized the current game library for the new headset.
  • but it cants approach PC power. Battery life is similar to the previous version battery is surviving 2.5 hours when gaming
  • Screen resolution is 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye compared to the previous version of 1440 x 1600.
  • It has also a 72Hz to 90Hz refresh rate after the launch. resolution is not the only factor that matters. but the larger field of view and higher refresh rate is making the oculus expensive and amazingly crisp.

Is this user-friendly?

  • Quest 1 is miserably front is a bit heavy to the user’s forehead. even though the new quest is thinner than the old one but it is also heavy to the forehead.
  • they are offering an alternate strap option .it will tight around your head and it makes it easy around your head.
  • oculus is offering small quality speakers with a headset instead of headphones or earphones with same technology as oculus1
  • we can expect  reasonable sounds. but the sounds are audible to anyone in the room. unfortunately, none of my headphones work with the device

does it worth

  • The quest 2 is very cheap but it doesn’t provide an improved strap and earbuds default.
  • We have to buy all the accessories set to get the full experience

Any way that the controllers are very user-friendly and convenient. they are feeling good as ever. Oculus didn’t change the design of the interface of the first-generation touch. you will get a pair of plastic remotes remote and grip button