During This Hard Time Of COVID-19 Pandemic, A New York Man Uses Drone To Ask Out A Girl


New York Man Smitten By Neighbor On Roof Uses Drone To Give Her His Phone Number And Ask Her Out

No one ever expected a situation like this with the new coronavirus epidemic. It made us stay at home the whole day. Some are found it as a vacation but most of the others found it like life in cages. Due to this current situation, no one can meet their friends or relatives. The most heartbroken thing is even couples cannot meet their beloved once!

Jeremy Cohen is a New York man who lives in Brooklyn. He also stays at the home whole day like us, following government rules. Last week Jeremy saw a girl who was dancing on her rooftop. He just waved at her and right away that girl also waved him back. It made a little pleasure to Jeremy and he felt something that cannot explain.

Then Jeremy wanted to have a talk with that girl. He wanted to make a connection between them. But it isn’t as simple as a normal day. Because Jeremy hasn’t got her contact number and also he couldn’t go anywhere with this condition.

Using his shifty mind, Jeremy made a master plan to contact her. He used his drone to give the phone number to his dream girl. Successfully his plan worked! After the girl texted to Jeremy, they arranged a date but from safe-distance. Jeremy organized a dinner himself and the girl also participated that on her rooftop! Jeremy said to her, she looked so lovely that day.