Justin Bieber Denies Sexual Assault Allegation, Replies With Hotel Receipts


Justin Bieber is in trouble these days. The world-famous singer Justin Bieber you know. The news of disturbing a woman going everywhere these days. On the 9th of March 2014, he got a hotel named Austin Four Seasons Hotel. While he stays the story is going that incident was in the hotel. According to that allegation on Sunday evening Justin Bieber came to twitter to cut this news. Singer accepts the news that he was in that town. Justin Bieber says he was at Airbnb after Westin, for his vacation. For this vacation also his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez joined. For accept Bieber’s statement he made see his receipts of AirBnB and his email address.

According to Bieber’s tweet message, he said: ” rumors are rumors I can’t get lightly the news of sexual abuse”. According to him before saying anything should collect information about that. If Justin Bieber was a world-famous character, spreading like these rumors are so dangerous for his character. According to Bieber, this news is so cruel and serious. Also, it is a lie. Bieber says that he stayed with Selena at AirBnB on the 9th of March and after the 10th of March moved to Westin.

Two ladies have blamed Justin Bieber for rape and imparted their particular encounters to the artist via web-based networking media. On June 20, a lady distinguished as Danielle posted about her supposed attack on Twitter, enumerating how she met Bieber at an Austin music occasion in March 2014. My companions and I were having fun the whole night, Danielle composed. A man at that point moved toward me and my companions and inquired as to whether we needed to meet Justin. We said yes. Bieber spent time with the gathering for a piece and welcomed them all to go with him back to his room at the Four Seasons. Justin had caused me to consent to not utter a word to anybody, or I can get in a difficult situation, Danielle, who was 21 at that point, clarified. He at that point requested that I go along with him in bed. That is the point at which I asked myself, How on the planet is this ordinary? Danielle claims that Bieber explicitly ambushed her after they consensually made out, although she questioned going excessively far with him. My body felt oblivious, she said. I would prefer not to broadly expound on what occurred straightaway.


Allison Kaye, a delegate for Bieber, disproved the cases in a remark to PopCrave. She said that Bieber was remaining in an Airbnb rather than the Four Seasons on the night being referred to, and remained at an alternate Austin lodging the next night. I’m sorry it took such a long time to react, Kaye included, however, we needed to be aware and address it with genuine data. If Justin Bieber a good character this incident is not so good for his character. In 2019 he released many songs and got famous. Stay here for more news in the destination hackathon. Let’s continue.