A Girl Got Married at a Zoo in Australia With Praising Her Father

Bindi Irwin Just Got Married at a Zoo, Paying a Sweet Tribute to Her Father

Most couples like to take their wedding as best as they can. They spend a lot of money on decorations and many other items in the wedding. But some of the others like to have simple weddings without spending a bulk of money. So we’ve heard about different types of weddings since early ancient. But this is about an uncommon wedding celebration at an Australian Zoo!

The girl’s name is Bindi Irwin who is the main character of this news. Chandler Powell; Bindi’s now-husband has been her boyfriend since 2013. This 7 years old love story brought them to their last destination; their wedding.

Binda’s husband Powell is a professional wakeboarder who was a great fan of Steve Irwin; Binda’s father. One day, Powell went to the zoo through his world tour. Accidently, Binda was at the zoo on the same day. That gathering made them come so far!

But they couldn’t meet for a long time because of their careers. Chandler did his busy job while Bindi participating in a dancing completion in Los Angeles. But Bindi didn’t forget to get in touch with Powell. She wrote sweet letters to Powell and then he came back to meet Bindi. He moved to Australia in 2018 and started work at the Zoo. Then they decided to engage.

On Bindi’s 20th birthday they get engaged. It made their love story official! Like other lovers, they also wanted to take a grand wedding but due to the current situation, they couldn’t do it. Then they decided to get it simple and easy. As their wish, they got married on the 25th of March at the zoo. Bindi was very happy about that because the place is so familiar to Bindi. She said it was the place on the earth that she feels close by her dad!