Game Of Catch played By A Man With Orangutan In Bali Zoo


Everyone accepts that humans are the most intelligent creatures among living beings. But we can rarely see some animals also has behaviors like humans. That’s why those doings make us amazed and bizarre.

It’s not a doubt that every kid likes to play anything when they have got free time. You can see playful kids everywhere in the world. But this is about an Orangutan that played the game of catch with a visitor who came to the zoo!

The name of that man is Vitaly. A few years ago, Vitaly went on a trip to visit the Bali Zoo in Indonesia. When he came to see the Orangutan, he decided to play a small game with this four-leg partner. He just wanted to check out how intelligent that Orangutan was. Orangutan also entered to the game by surprising other visitors. He uses bananas like bullets, but he gently throws it back to the man making others laugh.  

The video clip of that wonderful moment has got more than 26 million views on YouTube. Most of the online viewers didn’t forget to add comments on this for leg partner’s fun playing. This little video clip reminds us that humans aren’t the only intelligent creature among living beings.