A Dreadful Fungus That Controls Ants’ Mind


There are so many human diseases that infected by fungus, virus, and bacteria. Some of the terrible fungi can attack a whole human body. Not only for humans but also fungus can attack animals. This news is about a fearful fungus that attacks ants. It directly gets into the ants’ brain and controls their minds.  

The fungus spreads quite slowly than the virus. But it shows results quickly. This mind-controlling fungus presents similar features. It is known as a parasitic fungus called ‘Ophiocordyceps unilateralis’. This fungus can invade many live bodies but it mostly spread among ants. It can violate its victim’s brain and systems.

The procedure of this infection is explained by scientists. According to them, the fungus first penetrates its victim’s system. Then the victim’s brain gets infected. From that, the victim couldn’t handle their brain. As a result, the victim starts to follow the commands which are given by the infected brain. Time to time fungus spreads inside the systems and finally, it causes to victim’s death.

Like humans, ants also can identify the infected once. If someone had the infection, the workers used to bring it far away from the colony. From that, they expect to avoid the infected one from other ants. So we are very lucky enough to be humans because it hasn’t found yet that this fungus attacks humans.