Far Cry 6: No Ray Tracing for PS5, Xbox Series X

Far Cry 6 Cover Image
Credit: Ubisoft

Long-awaiting Far Cry 6 will not feature ray tracing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X. But Far Cry 6 ray tracing feature will be available on PC. Alongside ray tracing, there will be no AMD’s FidelityFX Super-Resolution for PS5 and Xbox series X as well. Ubisoft has confirmed it via a statement after a comment of a Ubisoft 3D Team Lead Programmer.

Ubisoft furthermore revealed that their plan for the console is to take advantage of new hardware capabilities. And also optimizes performance targeting 4K and achieving 60 FPS. Ubisoft ensured to remain consistent for the experience of the previous generation. Before the release of PS5 and Xbox series X, ray tracing acted as an exclusive feature on PC. Some developers have released the real-time lighting effect on consoles. For instance, Doom Eternal and Deathloop enabled ray tracing on consoles. Also, Spider-Man Remastered & Spider-Man: Miles Morales have ray tracing on PS5 and Xbox series X.

Recently, Ubisoft 3D Team Lead Programmer Stephanie Brenham has teased some crucial features. Comparing to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X, PS5 and Xbox series X versions of Far Cry 6 will have HD textures, higher levels of detail, longer draw distances. And PC gamers have the chance to enable ray tracing with higher resolutions. There is no need for dramatic hits on framerates any longer.

Stephanie has explained a lot more about what they did to improve Far Cry 6 than previous games. They added GPU culling to reduce the workload on the CPU. It will help to make better use of hardware resources. The developer team added GPU instancing to support the lush tropical forests by reducing draw overhead for dense biomes. And to hit the performance targets in the newest cities, Ubisoft added DCC support as well.

Ubisoft decided to go with hybrid ray-traced reflections for Far Cry 6 as its best quality-to-performance balance. In addition to that, it allows them to support DXR even on mid-range hardware. As a result of this move, more players can enjoy ray tracing. Sometimes, it is impossible to use SSLR due to technology limitations. In those particular circumstances, hybrid ray-traced reflections are going to be helpful to players. For the approach of hybrid ray-traced, they are using a custom denoiser.

As above noted, Far Cry 6 feature AMD FSR will be only available to PC. And the performance improvement of FSR depends on the hardware configuration. Players can accomplish higher final resolutions with smooth interactive framerates from the FSR feature. Their purpose is to take full advantage of the above powerful and unique features of PC. Ubisoft has a different vision on PC. The community of gamers is hoping that it will be a better opportunity for all PC gamers. It is a massive move from Ubisoft because some developers have already started not to consider much about the community of PC gamers.
And Stephanie gave out her opinion about the introduction of DirectStorage to PC by Microsoft. She thinks it will be a meaningful improvement for open-world games.

When driving through the overview of Far Cry 6, the world is named Yara. It is a tropical paradise. The players might see a modern-day guerrilla revolution in an adrenaline-filled world. Antón Castillo, the dictator of Yara, is planning to restore his nation its former glory. He has his teenage son Diego with him on the path for their only purpose. Hollywood stars Giancarlo Esposito and Anthony Gonzalez will bring Antón Castillo and Diego to life. Many of the fans already know about Giancarlo Esposito, thanks to the world-famous tv show Breaking Bad.

When you have a mission to battle against the military of Antón as Dani Rojas, you need some next-level movements and weapons. So, Far Cry 6 will present you with an arsenal of unique and surprising items. And meet your animal companion Chorizo, a Fang for Hire Weiner dog. Chorizo in Far Cry 6 has a modified Dog Wheelchair for carrying weapon parts through a basket.

Chorizo in Far Cry 6
Credit: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 has many key features. Become a guerrilla, guerrilla fire-power, all-new animal companions, and Yara Torn apart are some of them. You can play Dani Rojas as male or female. Dani will become a leader from a reluctant citizen to fight against Antón Castillo and his regime. And there is another animal companion named Guapo, the hungry pet crocodile. He belongs to your guerrilla mentor, Juan Cortez.

You can also create a deadly arsenal of makeshift weapons. Do not worry at all. Anything is possible when you are playing Far Cry 6. That is where guerrilla ingenuity comes into play. So, motorcycle engine-powered miniguns, homing missiles, and many more will be available to give a shot to poor troops of Antón Castillo.

In Far Cry 6, you will have to fight against the army of Antón in the most massive Far Cry playground ever had in the entire franchise. Yara is an island nation that includes traverse jungles, urban landscapes, beaches, and many more. The capital of Yara is Esperanza. It is the first urban setting of Far Cry. If you want to navigate the island by any means, you can use a horse for a ride.

Far Cry 6 is the sixth installment of the Far Cry franchise, a first-person shooter game series. Crytek developed the first installment of Far Cry to premiere their CryEngine software and was published by Ubisoft in 2004. It has come a long way with adopting the technology. The fans are still loving Far Cry because of its unique style. And year by year, it gets much better than the last game. That is what fans needed from every game. As gamers, they need improvements to the game.

Far Cry 6 game launches on October 7 for PC and consoles on the same day. It will be available on all PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Epic games store & Ubisoft store, and Google Stadia & Amazon Luna. On the other hand, October 7 is getting sooner and sooner. The publisher Ubisoft is ready. Far Cry 6 game is ready. Most importantly, are you?