European Union Leaders Urge U.S. To Remain In WHO


In the USA there are many riots and coronavirus cases. In this situation, the USA going to get out of the World Health Organization. In recent days President Trump ordered the government we should stop our agreements with the World Health Organization. In this situation, the European Union said to president Trump to rethink the getting out of the World Health Organization. There are many countries are using health advice from world health organization. That’s the reason President Trump is going to get out of WHO. Because of his selfishness actions and his orders are not suitable for the world health organization’s law.

Anyway on last Friday president, Trump said to the media units we should stop and rethink the relationship between the USA and world health organization. However, the most honorable persons in European Union, Mr. President Ursula von der Leyen and Josep Borrell said to Trump that please rethink this order and thought about stop the relationship between WHO and the USA. World Health Organization is doing a major role nowadays to stop the coronavirus pandemic and global diseases. President of European Union Mr. Ursula said “ we all of us should in with together and peacefully.

Of Course, In this global cause, the USA and other country’s participation must want. We don’t know what is going to do president Trump. Even today also we don’t know the future of the coronavirus and deaths of the coronavirus. We should obey the world health organizations pieces of advice in this situation. In April month Trump stopped giving funds to Wrld Health Organization. Also, he said world health organization is hiding the information about coronavirus cases and deaths in China and he said the management of this coronavirus is not so good.

In this situation, the World Health Organization hasn’t any idea about America and no statement has been submitted. Also, other countries are sad because a large amount of funds has lost.

Also, South Africa health Minister Mr. Zweli Mkhize said that Trump’s decision is so unfortunate. Also around the globe increasing coronavirus cases. At that point on May 18, Trump gave the United Nations office 30 days to roll out generous improvements or face the U.S. financing cuts getting changeless. Trump’s Friday declaration happened under about fourteen days after that final offer.


The WHO had no remark on Trump’s declaration, yet wellbeing priests and part states communicated frustration in the retreat of the organization’s biggest single giver.


South African Health Minister Zweli Mkhize called the choice “disastrous.”


“Unquestionably, when confronted with a genuine pandemic, you need all countries on the planet to be especially engaged … on one shared adversary,” Mkhize told columnists.


Citing German media, The Associated Press reports that the nation’s outside pastor said Trump’s arrangement sends “an inappropriate sign at an inappropriate time.”


“The quantity of individuals tainted overall is expanding and the emergency is spreading,” Heiko Maas told the Funke media gathering. “We can’t tear down the embankment in the flood and manufacture another one.”


The BBC reports a representative for the United Kingdom reaffirmed that nation’s promise to the WHO.