Elder Brother Sings For His Little Brother Who Has Got Down Syndrome

Liefdevolle oudere broer zingt gevoelig lied voor broertje met het syndroom van Down

Do you have brothers or sisters your own? If your answer is yes, you are so lucky and you have got a delightful family. When a woman and a man get married, they are considered as a new family. But the family is uncompleted if they don’t raise kids. That’s why some parents have got many kids in their families. Because there isn’t anything more valuable than family life.

Een mooi gezin

Nicole Powell and J.J Grieve were also lovely parents that had four kids for their own. Everyone said that their family was full of pleasure because there’s the same number of girls and boys in the family. Time to time, Nicole and Grieve decided to have their fifth kid to make their family nicer. They passed this news to their children and saw how happy that news was to them.


But they got bad news during the prenatal checkup. The doctors who tested mom said that their kid got an uncommon health issue called ‘Down Syndrome’! So doctors told mom to do an abortion. But Nicole and Powell didn’t want to give up. They made a decision to accept their disabled kid. Luckily, the kid started to get better health while inside the womb.

Nicole and Grieve couldn’t know how to explain their children about Down syndrome. Because of that syndrome, the little kid; Tripp would look a bit different. Parents described it to their children and it made a problem among them. By making e better answer to that problem, their older son; Rayce said that all of them were different from each other. Because he wanted everyone to love Tripp as he does.

​Prekrasna snimka bratske ljubavi koju je u jednoj noći pregledalo milijun ljudi

After Tripp’s birth, Rayce would take care of his little brother as his parents. He would hold Tripp and sing the song ’10, 000 hours’ to this new family member.