Eddie Redmayne speaks out against JK Rowling’s trans tweets


Eddie Redmayne has been a famous character right now. He speaks out against J.K. Rowling’s tweeter massage of trans people. With some angry Eddie Redmayne replied to J.K. Rowling’s statement which has famous in tweeter. Furthermore, he said that I can’t agree with Rowling’s comment because trans women are women trans men are men and non-binary identities are valid. He said with a massage in social media. You know world-class star, Daniel Radcliffe. He is the Harry Potter actor. Last Monday he also said similar words to that statement. People are angry because of J.K. Rowling’s quarrelsome phrase of “ People who menstruate” in tweeter. He has been criticized according to that phrases.

JK Rowling wrote a film series of Fantastic Beasts. It was a similar film series of Harry Potter. Also, Eddie Redmayne acts as Newt Scamander in that film series. In Oscar 2016 he participated because of a fictional film of trans woman Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl. He furthermore said I never want to talk to my people. But my all friends who transgender are getting tired of asking questions against identities. It will turn to abuse and violence. Furthermore, they want to live peacefully. And also the like to simple life. Because of that reason, he said let them live peacefully.

Daniel Radcliffe, what did he say?

The LGBTQ is a non-trade organization of suicide prevention on that charity organization and on Trevor Project website he mentioned transgender women are women and also any words against that delete the social dignity and identity of people who trans. He also said and hope JK Rowling’s words will not disturb who fans of the Harry Potter film series. Anyway, with these words, you should not get any quarrel, and this also thought of different kinds of people.

A year ago, Rowling was entangled in a comparative contention for indicating support for Maya Forstater, an analyst who expressed that individuals can’t change their organic sex.


Daniel Radcliffe Responds To J.K. Rowling’s Controversial Comments: “Transgender Women Are Women”


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe reprimanded Rowling on Tuesday with a reaction on the Trevor Project site, expressing: “Transgender ladies are ladies. Any announcement to the opposite eradicates the personality and pride of transgender individuals and conflicts with all guidance given by proficient medicinal services affiliations who have more ability on this topic than either Jo or I. As indicated by The Trevor Project, 78% of transgender and nonbinary youth announced being the subject of segregation because of their sex character. We have to accomplish more to help transgender and nonbinary individuals, not nullify their personalities, and not bring about additional damage


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