Ebola: Four dead after new outbreak in Congo


In recent days in Congo country is in trouble. After the corona outbreak as a global pandemic, a piece of new news has come. Ebola is the new news. A few years ago Ebola was a global pandemic. Long ago when come this global pandemic there are many people are got died. Congo country is a democratic republic country. As new news, 4 people died last week from the Ebola outbreak. Last Monday their Ministry of Health confirmed the number of death. Eteni Logondo confirmed it came in the east from the country. (from 1000km to equate).

The governor of Equateur province Mr. Bobo Boloko Bulombo also confirmed the number of deaths in this pandemic on the radio. They got the virus sample and it is in the laboratory under quality confirm. They also right now testing an antivirus vaccine for Ebola. For more experiments, they took the samples of the virus into INRB.  The laboratory mention it is the Ebola virus and since the 18th of May, they are testing their experiments. In this situation, they are investigating how Ebola has come again. It is good to find the root of the disease. Analyzing the deaths of this pandemic must want.

Furthermore, he said the population to be calm and quiet, keep at home, and be healthy. We all of us honor the hygiene measures. Bear in mind that you must wash your hands with soap or sanitizer. Don’t touch any dead person and who bleeding. World health organization also said the second cluster of infections will come from the east in the country. After a few days died 4 people from the virus.

Any way country is facing lots of problems with the coronavirus and measles diseases. Anyway, with this epidemic they facing lots of problems. WHO said it is hard to stop when they spread. “It’s going on at a difficult time, however WHO has worked in the course of the most recent two years with wellbeing specialists, Africa CDC and different accomplices to fortify national ability to react to episodes,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa. “To strengthen the nearby initiative, WHO intends to send a group to help to scale up the reaction. Given the closeness of this new flare-up to occupied vehicle courses and helpless neighboring nations we should act rapidly.”


WHO is now on the ground in Mbandaka supporting the reaction to this episode, as a major aspect of limit worked during the 2018 flare-up. The group upheld the assortment and testing of tests, and reference to the national research center for affirmation. Contact following is in progress. Work is continuous to send extra supplies from North Kivu and from Kinshasa to help the administration drove reaction. A further 25 individuals are relied upon to show up in Mbandaka tomorrow. WHO is additionally attempting to guarantee that fundamental wellbeing administrations are given to networks notwithstanding these crisis occasions.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s tenth episode of Ebola, in North Kivu, South Kivu, and Ituri territories, is in its last stages. On 14 May 2020, the Ministry of Health started the 42-day commencement to the affirmation of the finish of that flare-up.