Due To Corona Virus Epidemic, Penguins Got A Chance To Visit Other Animals


Nowadays we’re passing a fearful timeline due to this coronavirus epidemic. Most government and private institutions completely closed down their organizations. Media always announce to us that how to prevent this virus disease. No one hadn’t got any advantage from this epidemic but the penguins got. Penguins of Shedd Aquarium has got a chance to visit other animals!

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has closed to the public for a short -term due to this virus epidemic. Because that place is always crowded and it would be risky for the visitors. But the aquarium is still active because of penguins. Caretakers of this animal home have decided to give this wonderful chance for penguins to search the space. Only penguins have been allowed to walk everywhere and see other animals.

These funny cute penguins used this chance to run through the aquarium. Firstly they all seemed to be weird. But finally, they’ve found it fun and had a great time. The staff of Shedd Aquarium has taken many photographs and video clips of these playful little animals. They post those clips on social media to get in touch with the visitors. As their wish, all of the video clips were seen by viewers and made thousands of comments on these lovable animals.

This entertainment program couldn’t be a great thing for you but for the penguins. If penguins can talk, they would thank caretakers because penguins wouldn’t get a chance like that forever.