Doctors Are Surprised By The COVID-19 Performance

Singing doctors on the front lines Watch

A New Version of “Imagine” by Doctors Incited By COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no one on the earth that does not know about this pandemic. We heard that the majority of the population all over the world are suffering from this COVID-19 epidemic. Sadly, many patients have died. The most considerable thing is some of them were doctors. This is the most essential moment for the world of doctors. Because no one can handle this threatening pandemic without doctors. So most of the doctors in the world are stressed than their patients.

Doctors and other health care service members do many things to avoid this stress. We heard about two doctors that did an interesting event to make people’s minds relax due to this pandemic. Both doctors are from the Minnesota Mayo Clinic, named Elvis L. Francois and William Robinson. They lately performed an item to give people a word of desire, due to this epidemic. They sang a song together which can motivate people during this hard time!

Doctors chose the ‘Imagine’ song because they thought that it could be an encouraging song for everyone. The only instrument they’ve used is the piano. Dr. Elvis sings the song while Dr. Robinson plays the piano. By giving a word for ABC News, Dr. Elvis said that sometimes music is the best medication for some diseases better than pills or surgeries. Yes, he is right. Medication can’t go through the patient’s spirit but music can!

Dr. Francois has also written a note on his Instagram page which is explained the connection between music and healing. So we can also try on this. May be music will relax your mind but pills won’t!

Doctor Moved To Sing Rendition Of John Lennon's 'Imagine'