streaming appsIt’s time to stop spending money on cable and move online with streaming apps

If your house is anything like the average household in America, most of your cable channels will never get used, and you’ll be paying over $200 for the privilege. But did you know that many services online are free to use while remaining legal?

If you want to save thousands of dollars a year, here’s ten of the best free streaming apps for any device.

  1. Youtube, Youtube Music – Best All-In-One Streaming Apps

Youtube and its sister app aren’t what you would first think of as a free alternative to cable. But many companies publish their TV shows on the channel at no cost to the viewer. Google’s strength is data analysis, which makes it excellent at offering alternative suggestions.

There’s tons of content from a talent pool of independent creators. Millions of tracks are also available to stream. And let’s not forget the cat videos!

All this makes Youtube the perfect starting point on your journey to cutting the cable.

  1. Pluto TV – Best App for TV Streaming 

If your biggest concern with saving money is missing out on live TV, there’s an answer. If you’re an Apple user, then Pluto TV for Mac is a brilliant example of bringing the live TV experience to the internet. It brings the best live TV content without needing to pay for a subscription.

Pluto TV generates revenue from adverts placed in a similar way to cable TV commercials. It makes it good enough that the adverts don’t interfere with enjoying the content. 

Pluto TV is available on most devices but great on Apple devices. Perfect if you aren’t a fan of Google and Youtube!

  1. Crackle – Best App for Movies

Buying movies via your cable provider is a sure-fire way to spend even more money than before.

If you need flexibility from watching movies on demand, then Crackle is a great choice. There isn’t as much choice as some others here, though. But Crackle focuses on quality over quantity.

But it isn’t an issue since there are other free apps to add to your collection. So, if it isn’t on Crackle, it’s probably available elsewhere.

  1. Spotify – Best App for Streaming Music

Spotify is famous for its music streaming service, and its free tier is still the best around.

It has most of the music from every major recording artist, past and present. Spotify allows you to create playlists that suit your taste. And like other quality services, there are playlists created based on your history.

It’s the perfect app for anyone who loves to discover new artists and music genres.

  1. Roku Channel – Best App for Mobile

Roku is well-known for its smart sticks. They turn your TV into a multi-functional entertainment system. Now their streaming app is available for free to download on Android and Apple devices.

The great thing about Roku is you don’t need an account to register. It makes viewing content much more accessible and more straightforward. Especially if there’s a particular show you wanted to watch or try out before purchasing at a later date.

And, if you already own a Roku streaming device, the app doubles up as a remote control. Great for when you’ve misplaced the remote.

  1. Crunchyroll – Best App for Anime

Not a culinary channel as it might sound, Crunchyroll specializes in the best Anime has to offer. Its strength is in its subtitled content, allowing easy access for anyone who can’t speak Japanese. 

A paid version of the app is available, but the free one makes sense. The ads only happen a few times an hour, so any interruption of the viewing is minimal.

  1. Vudu – Best App for One-Off Paid Content

There are times you might want to watch your favorite release. But you don’t want to pay for a whole subscription. Vudu, owned by Walmart, has the answer.

What makes Vudu stand out is that you can filter out the paid content. So you won’t have to sift through small icons to see which is free to watch.

Vudu is excellent for the casual viewer who prefers more traditional video streaming.

  1. Tubi – Best App for When You’re Indecisive

Tubi is no stranger to the scene, and like its paid rival Netflix, it offers the content you may not have seen before.

What makes this app stand out is it’s excellent for anyone with kids. With a Tubi login, you can set parental controls. This feature makes sure your little ones aren’t watching anything unsuitable.

  1. Xumo – Best App for Live Sports

Xumo offers a very familiar cable TV experience. It has a grid layout and full app availability on many smart TVs. The majority of cable channels are available, but the choice of sports channels is best.

Xumo is also compatible with the Roku stick, so if you have a Roku, Xumo will be near the top of your list.

  1. Kodi – Best App for Customization

Kodi has an unfair reputation for being the go-to service for illegal streaming. But the app itself is legal and free. As long as you stick to the genuine content, it is a brilliant app for filtering out the content you’ll never watch.

For some, the customization options might seem excessive. But for most, it gives you the most flexibility to have your own streaming experience.

Which Streaming Apps Are the Best?

Often there can only be one winner. When it comes to streaming apps, that winner depends on what media you stream and where.

For an all-round experience to get started with, Youtube offers a complete package. It can stream video, music, and TV for free, and the endless volume of unique content makes it a winner.

So get clicking, enjoy watching, and start saving for that new TV you always wanted!