COVID- 19- How is USA handling the pandemic

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COVID- 19, can’t say no one has heard of the new updated version of the coronavirus which has taken over the world merely in a matter of 3 months. With more than 3.19 million cases confirmed and 228K deaths by the end of April 2020, Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic and one of the deadliest diseases to ever exist.

The virus first making its appearance in Wuhan, China, back in December 2019, has spread rather vastly across regions and continents resulting in the current pandemic. After raising its head in China, Covid-19 has caused more than 4000 deaths with nearly 85000 confirmed cases in the country. Most people feared that China had the situation worse with its death tolls rising in the beginning until China began to control the situation in a strict manner by imposing a countrywide lockdown for 3 months and strict social distancing rules. However, peoples fear regarding China’s situation being bad was rather short-lived with Italy taking the next big hit with its rising death toll which has surpassed 27000 now followed by Spain with a death toll of 24000.

It can be said that the coronavirus took its time to reach the USA. Because up until mid-March, the virus had only nearly 600 confirmed cases and no deaths. According to the CDC guidelines for Covid-19, which include social distancing, disinfecting, staying indoors, working from home, prioritizing essential workers, sanitizing, wearing masks and gloves has not been successful as USA has surpassed over 1 million confirmed cases and 61000 deaths. The USA has become the country to get affected the most and take the biggest hit by this pandemic. The government and the CDC have on and on again explained the importance of these strict rules and guidelines for the people to minimize deaths and to keep the number of infected lows. However, a surveillance project carried out by the CDC to produce early warnings of the disease took time to reach certain states as the virus got uncontrollable and out of hand.

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A little-known fact is that in the beginning only the CDC headquarters was the only place where the tests for Covid-19 could run because no other labs could run the CDC’s test kits as they were faulty. The first lab to run the test was a lab in Illinois, avoiding the faulty kits.

The community transmissions of the virus increased alarmingly as people became reckless and unhelpful regards to minimizing the spread of the virus. Beaches in California have been reopened, a rally was conducted to stand up against people’s rights as wearing masks should be a choice and not be forced upon and students were caught spending their spring break with friends instead of social distancing. However, the social distancing rules were able to be put in place despite the rising number of cases.

Despite the ongoing fight against the virus, the CDC’s Covid-19 new symptoms would impose more threat and a new wave of cases as more people will now be tested positive. The new symptoms include chills, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, new loss of smell or taste, repeated shaking with chills. The loss of taste and smell, according to the CDC, is thought to be an early symptom for some time.

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With the new symptoms of Covid-19, Canada, the neighboring country of the USA, who is also fighting these new symptoms and could have a new wave of cases, has allocated $159.5 million in funding to support international efforts to fight the coronavirus. US President Donald Trump received criticism regarding Canada’s decision for the funding, as Trump cut down the United state’s annual funding for the World Health Organization in April. The decision is thoroughly criticized as now is the time the WHO needs the most help from the powerful economies in the world to help battle the pandemic.

Regardless of the new symptoms carrying a new set of cases, Trump states that he will not be extending social distancing guidelines as most states have begun loosening the rules and he expects individual states to ‘take charge.’ Many spectators and most citizens are against this idea as this would make people be reckless as people will take advantage and carry the virus by also spreading it.

The CDC is planning a new surveillance to get ahead of the next wave by focusing on the positive cases who don’t show symptoms but carry the virus. With the requirement of a countrywide availability of tests for the virus, many states of the country are reporting shortages of test supplies and important medical equipment for doctors and nurses to deal with the patients. Despite all the reports and complaints, the president’s administration claims that the necessary capacity and requirements already exist which signals that the country needs to get on track if the CDC wants to carry out the new surveillance.

It is merely a game of watching how the government of the United States will battle this pandemic and how smart and careful the people of the country will be to fight independently to battle the virus despite decisions taken by authorities.