Corona virus breakthrough: Steroid Dexamethasone to the rescue of Corona virus patients


COVID 19 has been global pandemic letting billions of people suffer to their very core. Economically and mainly socially virus has spread across the globe with forcing the countries to lockdown situations.  Basically many countries are raging clinical wars to fine cure for this crisis and fatal virus and many trials of various drugs have been deployed even as we speak.  

This UK based drug trial and Doctors have found this new treatment of the infamous and inexpensive steroid called Dexamethasone to treat fatally I’ll Corona virus patients it shows promising results towards the cure for so-called COVID 19 effects.

What’s Dexamethasone and how does it works? 

Dexamethasone is a steroid reducing the inflammation by mimicking the anti inflammatory hormones in to immune system. Corona virus infected immune systems are trying to fight back and when the restrictions of the virus is too hard to bear by the immune systems leads to a override and this cases a inflammations if internal organs.  Dexamatasone dampens the immunes systems from overriding. 

Which patients can be treated with Dexamethasone? 

This treatment is likely more effective with the fatally ill corona virus patients breathe with ventilators. Drug doesn’t not work effectively with the mild symptom patients with Corona virus because suppressing the immune systems of these patients would not be good for the initiative attack on the virus. 

As shown in this diagram 100 patients were treated in the clinical trial of the drug and
12 % confirmed revived cases
60% likely to recover from the drug 

How effective is the Drug? 

According the doctors carried out the trial it’s showed One in Three deaths can be prevented patients in the ventilator machines.
One in every five deaths can be prevented in patients in Oxygen supplies and no significant benefits are shown in the patients mildly ill. 

How the trial was conducted? 

These results came from trial conducted by the University of Oxford called Randomized evaluations of Covid 19 a batch of 2100 patients were given 6mg daily dose of Dexmathasone for 10 days and tested against a random batch 4300 patients which received no additional treatments whatsoever. Scientist are extending the trials combining with other drugs and says cure rate can be extending even further. 

How widely is the Dexmathasone is available? 

Its available wide across the local medical supply stores for an inexpensive 5.40 pounds in UK and UK medical stores has stock stored to treat more than 200,000 diagnosed patients.  It’s firstly made in 1957 and was available since 1960 staring from UK.  

Does it have side effects? 

 Like all drugs Dexamathasone is also having some side effects, Anxiety, fluid retention, difficulty of sleeping and weight gain are some and there are some rare side effects too like eye disorders, blurred vision and hemorrhage.  However corona virus patients need a relatively low dose of the drug. 

With hopes and daily researches ongoing for a better cure for the Corona virus Dexamathasone has already shed some light. Globally doctors and pharmaceutical researchers are trying to find cure even in the mild systems stage so that more cases can be dragged out the dark abyss of Covid 19.