Chrome OS is celebrating 10 years of excellence

Chrome OS
Chrome OS

What is Chrome OS

  • Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system developed by Google. Thi OS is manipulated by Chromium OS and Google chrome is using as the main user interface. any way Chrome OS is a proprietary software
  • Google has announced the Chrome OS project in 2009 as both user data and applications run on a cloud. The first laptop with chrome OS was released known as Chrome book in May 201.first shipments of this laptop was in July 2011
  • Chrome OS is occupied with its own media player and file manager. It also supports chrome apps and native applications that give remote access to the desktop

Celebrating 10 years

  • Google is planning to give several new features with their 10 years of celebration. starting from screen capture and update also includes a new phone hub to connect your android  phone to Chromebook
  • With a phone hub, this lets you check your phone’s battery life, locate your device, see your recent chrome browser tabs, turn on/off hotspot capabilities and you can also respond to messages with a built-in control center


  • This phone hub feature will make Chrome OS more attractive and powerful OS.this feature is the most awaited feature by users all over the world.
  • Google is extending its wifi capabilities to sync to work with more devices
  • So you can connect your chrome book to any trusted wifi network easily
  • Google will give bring users nearby share to chrome users can share files between android devices and chrome books.

lot of new features

  • This feature is giving google to android users finally similar to the iPhones airdrop feature
  • Google is trying to make changes that give quick access to essential features.
  • One of the features is a screen capture to the quick setting menu that easily takes screenshots and screen recordings.
  • Another feature is your essential features will bring into a shelf that also displays your recent downloads and pinned files.
  • As a very important feature, the media controller are now built-in quick settings menu. It will make it easy for the users to play, pause, skip the songs
  • Google said you can also pin the media player to the shelf for immediate access.
  • Google will give a quick answer feature to get word definition, unit conversion, or translation with just a click.
  • it will better manage your workspace.
  • The new Desk feature will restore your all previous works when you reboot your device.
  • You can swap your desks by gestures by swapping the trackpad with four fingers.
  • Finally, Google will improve its existing features also. they will improve Sharing files, images, and links between apps for fever steps.
  • Google says the icons of the OS will have a new fresh will help to recognize essential apps by new icons
  • New features like phone hub, nearby sharing will make this chrome OS more enjoyable to its users