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Christopher Columbus Statues in Boston, Minnesota and Virginia Are Damaged

Sculptures of Christopher Columbus were harmed in Minnesota, Boston, and Richmond, Va., as nonconformists maddened by the passing of George Floyd have kept on guiding a portion of their dissatisfaction toward landmarks, including Confederate sculptures, that they consider being images of prejudice.


Outside the State Capitol in St., Paul, Minn., a 10-foot bronze figure of Columbus came toppling down on Wednesday evening after a gathering of dissidents tied ropes around the sculpture’s neck and yanked it from its platform.


The demonstrators kicked the leader of the sculpture, which was committed in 1931, and moved around it. Minnesota State Troopers didn’t intercede.


In Boston, the leader of a sculpture of Columbus in the city’s North End neighborhood was evacuated for the time being on Tuesday, and bits of it were discovered close by, Sgt. Criminologist John Boyle of the Boston police said on Wednesday. Investigators were researching the occurrence, he said.


In Richmond on Tuesday evening, a Columbus sculpture was torn down and hurled into a lake in a city park where dissidents had assembled for a showing on the side of Indigenous people groups.


“We remain in solidarity with dark and earthy colored networks that are worn out on being killed by a crazy, mobilized, and rough police power,” the Richmond Indigenous Society, which participated in the assembly, said in an announcement on Wednesday.

Chairman Marty Walsh of Boston said at a news meeting on Wednesday that the harmed Columbus sculpture would be evacuated and put away while city authorities examine whether it ought to become back to its area in Christopher Columbus Park, where the six-foot sculpture had remained on a five-foot base since 1979.


“We will be bringing the sculpture down at the beginning of today and stowing away it to evaluate the harm of the sculpture,” Mr. Walsh said. “This specific sculpture has been subjected to rehashed vandalism here in Boston and, given the discussions that we’re sure having right now in our city of Boston and all through the nation, we’re additionally going to set aside an effort to survey the notable significance of the sculpture.”


Around 1,000 nonconformists went to the meeting at Byrd Park in Richmond, where the Columbus sculpture was harmed. Demonstrators conveyed signs that said “This land is Powhatan land” and “Columbus speaks to the massacre,” as per The Richmond Times-Dispatch.


The sculpture was splash painted, set ablaze, and tossed into a lake in the 287-section of the land park, as indicated by WWBT-TV. Close to the bank of the lake where the sculpture was lowered, somebody set a sign with a drawing of a gravestone and a message: “Prejudice, you won’t be missed.”


The sculpture was expelled from the lake on Wednesday. The city’s Police Department didn’t promptly react to a request about the sculpture on Wednesday.


The sculpture, which was devoted in December 1927, was the main sculpture of Columbus raised in the South, as per The Times-Dispatch.

Local Americans have been calling for states to supplant Columbus Day, which is praised the second Monday in October, with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. They have said that Columbus’ disclosure of the New World prompted the decimation of Indigenous populaces in the Americas.

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