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An Illustrator Recreates Forgotten Images Of Hilda; A Woman In 1950s

Maybe you already know about illustration right? There are so many photo collections that recreated by well-trained illustrators. This is also about a recreated photo collection but slightly different from other collections. Hilda; an American girl is the main character of this news. No one likes to have a fat body. If someone has a body like that, they always worry about their body shape. But Hilda didn’t. She never had a shy about her body. This is Hilda’s story.

Everyone knows about Hilda because of her photo collection. She was very famous in America for her stunning figure that showed in calendars. She was one of the plus-size queens that contribute to bringing up pages. Every dark cloud has a silver line. In the middle of 1960, she also achieved moderate notoriety. Time to time Hilda has forgotten to everyone until someone found out her calendars.

Amy Pence-Brown is the main reason for Hilda’s return. She is also a fat mom like Hilda. So Amy started to recreate Hilda’s eye-catching photos and shared them with her online followers. Most of her followers replied Amy to thank her. They said that Hilda showed them how to be happy with what we have. She showed that fat girls don’t need to shy about their bodies.

Amy has also said something about Hilda. She said that Hilda was very photogenic. According to Amy, most of the viewers were shock by every single news of Hilda. Hilda had a plump but a sexy body. So Amy said she was happy enough with recreating Hilda’s fascinating photos.  


Amazing Facts About China That Sounds Unreal

China is one of the enigmatic countries in the world. Chinese citizens got unique refinements and technology for their own. Most of them are very different from other countries. So some of the Chinese people’s lifestyles make us bizarre. China almost makes us amazed in many ways. The recent wonderful thing is the new hospital which is made within 8 days. Any other country can’t get around China with technology or any other facilities. Now it’s time to look around China for surprising things that you never heard before.

Chinese facts

1. Dogs’ flesh for summer eats

The first fact might be disgusting for you and it makes you sad. Chinese citizens celebrate the summer season with eating dogs. Mostly southwestern people doing this. It is incredible to hear that they kill above 10,000 dogs for the summer season. The main reason is they believe that it brings good luck for the country.

Eating Dogs to Celebrate Summer2. Unbelievable cigarettes consumption

Most Chinese citizens are addicted to smoking and running fast to lung cancers. China has about 300 million people and every two seconds, 50 thousand cigarettes are smoked. This is reported by WHO and also it says the cigarette production of China is 42% of the world’s cigarettes.

cigarettes3. The dam that affects earth rotation

The world’s largest dam belongs to China which has the capacity to hold over 35 cubic kilometers of water. The magic thing is it can slow the earth’s rotation!

dam4. The month of rest for mothers after giving birth

Every Chinese lady should rest on the bed for a month after giving birth. They called it “sitting the month” and it is compulsory for every mother. They shouldn’t walk, drinking cold water and taking a shower during those 30 days.

mother5. People who have lives in caves

You won’t believe that there are nearly 30 million Chinese citizens live in caves. You might seem it a little bit harder but they are happy with their lifestyles.

caves6. Unbelievable virginity reforming surgery

Without shame, China women throw money to doctors for reconstructing their hymens before marriage. From that surgery, no one can find out about their early dealings.

nurse7. Stand with chin up

You know that the training for Chinese soldiers is the hardest one all over the world. There are a lot of different things in training between China and other countries. They should put a pin in their uniform collar during the training to avoid their chin from moving.

pin8. No need hospitals for plastic surgery

Chinese people have an amazing chance to have plastic surgeries by social networks. There is a social networking platform called Beijing-based which can share surgery experiences and contact surgery clinics.

plastic surgery9. Uncommon insect as a pet

Nowadays most people have pets such as dogs, cats, parrots or rabbits. But in China, there is an uncommon insect that kids are used to raising as a pet. They have cricketers as their pets. Not only as pets but also there are some fighting sports in China by using cricketers.

Keeping Crickets As Pets10. Disgusting eggs boiling method

Believe it or not, Chinese people have a tradition of eating eggs that are boiled in the urine of ten years old boy. They believe that it helps to have a healthy blood circulating system.

eggs11. KFC in a different name

In China, you can find original KFCs and also KFGs. KFG sells KFC lookalike food without any legal problem. This also happened to Adidas and Starbucks so you’ll find many fake brands that run in different names. 

KFC12. China’s contribution to San Francisco’s pollution

China not only plays a big role in the technical field but also in the pollution filed. China is the main character of pollution in San Francisco. Environmental Science and Technology said that the main reason for pollution is collecting dust by traveling from China over the Pacific.

pollution13. Testing make-ups from animals

China people use animals to test cosmetics. But they can’t use them for every product and also they should do it under the law.

cats14. China has invented toilet papers but didn’t use

Although China has invented the toilet papers in 851 AD, they didn’t use it because they couldn’t afford it.

The Inventers of Toilet Paper Weren't The First To Use It15. If it weighs more, it’s a good book

Most expensive books have shiny, thick pages and attractive covers but in China, it doesn’t. They measure book quality by its weight. If you want to buy a good book from China, first you need to weigh it!



  1. The world’s biggest pig population belongs to China. It has half of the world’s pigs and annually they killed about one million pigs for Chinese bacon. pigs
  2. If you are a Chinese man, you can’t meet your relatives regularly. They call it “Elderly Rights Law“, but most of Chinese don’t like this mandatory law. grand parents
  3. During the winter season, Chinese citizens are used to observing the sunset at midnight.evening19. Sharable huge pandas

China’s government follows a different procedure to make goodwill and friendship with other countries. They give pandas for rent and earn millions of dollars for one year. The reason for the procedure is that there are decreasing numbers of pandas in the world.

pandas20. China loves skyscrapers so it has over 300 skyscrapers around the country


  1. If you are planning to have a holiday in China, you should take toilet paper with you always. Because most of the toilets in China haven’t got toilet papers in them.toilet papers22. Terrifying marriage tradition


  1. No one wouldn’t know that the word “ketchup” comes from a Chinese word, “ke-tsiap”. It means pickled fish sauce in Chinese. sauce
  2. Gift accepting method

Chinese people believe that it would be rude to take a gift without refusing first. So they decline two or three times before accepting a present.


  1. We can see the sunrise at about 6.00 a.m. or around that time in our country. But some regions of China, really see the sunrise at 10.00 a.m. sunset
  2. When Chinese people want to get reincarnation, they should get permission from the Chinese government. Want to Be Reincarnated? Get Permission
  3. Common Chinese food with an uncommon name

You’ll think that China is a dangerous country after hearing the name of that dish. They call it “Husband & Wife Lung Slices” but it really made by beef slices.


  1. In China, people can recognize married or unmarried ladies with their hairstyles. hair style
  2. There are many white dolphins in China called “Indo-Pacific Humpbacked dolphins”. At birth their skin color is white but it turns to pink when they grow up. dolphins
  3. China’s government banned Playstation because they want Chinese children to focus on education.  China Once Banned Playstation
  4. When you are in a crowded place in China, you can see most of the men that are carrying bags or purses for ladies. Not only in China but also in many Asian countries’ people don’t let ladies carry weight. couple
  5. Army-trained China pigeons

Using pigeons is an ancient method of delivering messages. China has improved it and train pigeons for the army. The army-trained pigeons are smarter than domestic ones. An airport expert in China said that they use those pigeons for special military missions.


  1. You can be a bra expert and obtain a job in that field in China. If you are interested in bras, you also get a degree at Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University.
  2. Successful business parties with alcohol

If you are a party lover, you’ll also love this tradition in China. They believe that it is more successful with drinking alcohol during business parties with the boss and other partners. 


  1. As you know, China has the largest population above 1.4 billion. So it is possible to China has the biggest army all over the world. The Chinese government also increased army trainers by 10% last year. soldiers
  2. Long-term New Year celebration

While the rest of the world celebrates New Year for only one or two days, Chinese people celebrate New Year for 15 days. Every Chinese employer has public holidays during this celebration.


  1. China people should watch the news for 30 minutes every day. Even if they are watching another program, they have to watch the news because it telecasts on every channel during those 30 minutes. news
  2. World-famous game; football was invented by China, 2200 years ago. China Invented Football 
  3. Facebook is banned in China. You couldn’t believe this but it’s totally true that Facebook is banned in China since 2009. So China people should use unique Chinese apps to communicate with people. Facebook
  4. China hasn’t any set system for checking the capability of movies for different age groups. So now they start a committee of 36 members and they cut down the unsuitable scenes from the movies.
  5. More than 78% of software that Chinese people installed was pirated in 2010. software
  6. If you want to have fat-rich food in a Chinese restaurant, you have to wear gloves while eating. pizza
  7. This might make you laugh because China was banned the “Alice in Wonderland” once, due to a strange reason. They thought that it was contempt for humans because animals are acting like humans. Alice in wonderland
  8. An unpopular city which is full of socks

There is a city called Datang which is known as the sock city. It is a suitable name for that because it produces about 70% of China’s socks and 30% of the world’s socks.    


  1. The Chinese first reveal the blood pumping theory throughout the body. They improved it and now they have technologies to make an artificial human heart. medical
  2. The world’s longest railway tracks belong to China. railway
  3. China celebrates the most expensive summer Olympics. You might not believe that the cost for the hosting games was about $40 billion. games
  4. The male population of China has outnumbered women by nearly 32.66 million.
  5. Chinese citizens believe bat is a symbol of luck. animals
  6. The first green bean flavored popsicles are made by China. They made it with cubic milk, red and green beans. sweets
  7. Ancient China people believe that mirrors can protect their owners from the devil.Mirror Protection From the Devil
  8. According to legends, Chinese citizens believe that phoenix represents the empress of feminine power.
  9. The practice of concubinage is controlled in China since 1949. The Practice of Concubinage By The Rich Men
  10. Chinese people represent every year by a zodiac animal. zodiac animal



Most Impressive Cloud Images Captured On Siberian Peak That Attract Your Eyes

Nowadays people haven’t enough free time to spend a few minutes with nature. They even haven’t any time to go on a trip with their family members. So most people used to see images that show the beauty of nature. Because of the photographers’ great ability, busy people can see a variety of types of photo collections that make them glad.


If you are a nature lover, you would like to know about this Siberian Peak. You can see many stunning cloud scenes at the top of this towering mountain. Svetlana Kazina is a local photographer who was lucky enough to capture the natural rare images of clouds on her camera.  She said that the colorful clouds in her photographs were very thin so it looks like lace. They also liken to soap bubbles with their different hues. She took those pictures of the shinning sky over the Belukha mountain in Siberia’s tallest top.


It is very unusual to see clouds in various colors. There is a scientific fact to explain this condition which is isisation. It is a natural occurrence that is optical and takes place in clouds. This beautiful work of nature usually created near the moon or sun. If there are small water droplets or ice crystals in the cloud their cumulative effect is as colors. Every one of us loves colorful soap bubbles, right? These clouds are just like the larger version of them.


Sometimes you can see clouds that look like a rainbow. That view is very rare so a little number of people are lucky enough to capture the photographs of those clouds. It has a scientific explanation, too. There are so many water droplets on the air. It causes those different colors in the rainbow-cloud.


If you take a visit to the Mountains of Altai in southern Siberia, you’ll see the stunning scenery of clouds that explained above. That’s why everyone knew it as an impressive place to pull out travelers’ tension. Those elegant clouds look like jellyfish. You’ll never see any mountain as awesome as Altai. If you want to take a break and get relax from this busy life, go on sightseeing on this wonderful mountain.