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Best technologies in the world after 2000

 You know the technology is rapidly changing while that is rapidly developing even. The technologies developed last year. That means in 2020 some technologies are more developed than in 2019. Today we are going to see such powerful technologies. Those will develop in the future than this settled level even. Sometimes you know them now. But you don’t know about them in detail. So we are going to see them. In contemporary society, these following technologies have high demand. Shall we move with it?? 

     The major technology among the other one is the, 

Artificial intelligence

Apple smartphone uses Artificial intelligence technology with their Siri. android smartphones use this technology with their Google assistant

   You know that artificial means the creation of someone. There are many devices made out using artificial intelligence. Usually, robots are made out of using such technology. That is equivalent to the human mind. But there is a doubt that could be intelligence than the human mind. 

    There is another name for that. Another name is machine intelligence. As I said above, the above name is given because the memory is made via machines. Artificial intelligence was found in 1955. That artificial intelligence made out with the relation of human knowledge. 

  There are some definitions of artificial intelligence. According to the definition of the computer science study of artificial intelligence, it is known as intelligent agent research. But there is another definition that elaborates on the actual meaning of artificial intelligence. That is as follows. 

system’s ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation.”

   That is the best definition of that. Artificial intelligence is used for many devices in order to solve many different sums that are difficult to solve using human knowledge. 

  Then those above are related to artificial intelligence. We can know updated details of this in the next year too. Then we will move to the next latest technology. That is, 

IoT ( Internet of things) 

IoT technology using the internet to control some devices

   This is actually a system. That means that it is a system that builds upon connecting various devices. Those are computers and other digital devices. The above system will be more helpful in the situations when there are taking place of the data transfer. 

   The above technology is made due to some other technologies. Those are machine learning, analytics, and embedded systems. This is advantageous. But there are some treats in the mode of privacy and security. 

  The above technology is applicable to the smart home facility, smartphones smart speakers and the security systems. The Internet is the associated factor with the above technology. Mainly there are three levels of the above. Those are IoT devices, fog nodes, and cloud computing. 

 These above brief descriptions are about another new technology that can be used with the presence of the Internet. Then we will move to the next technology. That is,


   The above is a combination of two words. Those two words are Dev and the Ops. Dev means software development. Plus the Ops means information technology operations. 

Some companies need knowledge of the above DevOps. 

   There are some other things associated with the technology of the DevOps. ArchOps and testOps. ArchOps is an extension. This is not starting with the source code. So that is starting with the software architecture. Then testOps is hardware development. Instead of that DevOps in software development. 

   Have you heard about the DataOps?? That is another associated word. Using DevOps to the analysis of data is known as the DataOps. That is used in many sections. They are data quality, data integration, data privacy, and data engineering. 

    Then winOps means the DevOps practices for a Microsoft centric view. Improved deployment frequency, and less time to market and the lower failure rate are some of the goals that want to achieve from the DevOps. Also, DevOps will provide you with efficiency, security, and predictability. 

  These are only some few related details to the above DevOps technology. Also, these are rapidly updating. In the next year, you can know some more than here. Then we will move to our next topic. That is, 

Edge computing 

edge computing is a great technology

   This is a distributed network. Through this method, data storage and computation come together. Also, that is any type of program. The cloud operating system controls a wide range of data. But instead of that edge computing only controls the instant data. 

     The data is secure with the above technology. Because the data is fully encrypted. And through the edge, there is possible to transfer the data from the service provider to the user at the end. 

  From the edge computing, you can remove the traffic during the data transfer. Also, that is providing the lower latency. You know there are applications of such type of technology. Some of them are smart cities, connected autonomous cars, home automation systems, and smart cities. 

   Those above are some brief details about the edge computing. Then we will move to our next topic. That is, 

Angular technology 

   This is known as a web framework. There are other names for this one. Examples for angular 2+ and the angular v2. Also, this is a type of open-source web application framework. 

  The developer of the above technology is the Google corporation. We know about them very much. It is because of a worldwide famous company. This was released publicly approximately about four years ago. That was the initial release. After that recently the preview of it was released on the 4th of February this year. 

    Initially, the angular technology is by the community of individuals and corporations. There is another creation by the same group that had created the above technology. That is the angular JS. Also, this is for the web platform. The above angular technology and the angular JS technology can be the creations by the same company. But there are some more differences there. Some of them are as follows. 

   There is no concept in the angular as the scope. There are some different expressions of syntax in the angular. Other than them the dynamic loading and asynchronous template compilations can be taken. 

 These above are enough for the technology of angular. Then we will move to the next one. That is, 

Blockchain technology 

online currencies like bitcoin use Blockchain technology

   Actually these original blockchains. For a name, there has to be a definite reason. Therefore the name was created because of the blockchains. 

   That is about blockchains. But this is a modern technology that is in use. So what is blockchain technology??? There is another name. That is known as the distributed ledger technology. Example of seeing a Google document. You can understand the above technology through that. 

    After we create a Google document we share it with other groups of people. Also when transferring the above document can copy even. If some changes have been made for the document, all changes are recorded in the correct time. 

  Don’t think that the black chain is also similar to the Google document. The truth is not that. It is more complicated than the Google document. There are various ways that you can trust the blockchains. That is according to the existing results. It is reducing the risk and always being transparent. 

   Blockchain works with situations of sharing valuable data in a secure and protective way. Do you know?? Basically there are three main components in blockchain technology. They are the blocks, nodes, and miners. There are certain functions that are performed by the above parts in blockchain technology. 

  These are the main and important facts about blockchain technology. Then this is the time to move with the next topic. We can see that now. That is, 

Virtual reality technology

VR is upcoming technology after 2000

  You know the idea conveyed by the term reality. That means something that exists really. Then what is this virtual reality??? 

    In the short form, this is known as the VR. This can be described as an experience. That experience can be similar to the natural world. That means the world we are living in. We are doing most of the activities that are made out using the application of the above technology. Can you think of them??? Think a bit about the entertainment purposes. Example of video games. Not only for entertainment purposes but also for others. Such as in the medical field. There can be medical training done using the above technology. 

   Only the technology can’t do this purpose. Therefore other equipment also needed. There are standard virtual reality systems to make a natural environment. They are using headsets and projectors. From that method, the realistic environment means natural sounds and images can be made. In the cinema field, we are even provided with such a type of technology. 3D cinema is an example of that. 

  These are some brief descriptions of virtual reality technology. I think these above are enough for you. From the above article, we have talked about basically about seven new technologies. Those are the most important and developed technologies within this year. Next year they will develop more than this. Also, some new technologies can be invented in 2021 too.

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Science & Technology

The peek at the black hole

  This is another piece of news about the black hole. We are talking about black holes frequently. There is new news that is forming related to the black holes. This is one such. That is not only a black hole. But it is a deep black hole. What are the specifications for that? We are here to talk about that. You know in the last year the picture of a black hole released to the public. I told you about that. Could you remember it??? Definitely you can. 

  First, we will see what the black holes are?? Before moving to the main topic, we have to take a rough idea. 

     We talked about the released picture of the black hole. Through that people saw the truth including things inside the black hole. Now it is not a secret in the future. I think the curiosity of the people relieved. 

   Now there is another special method to detect the above. Also, that is a new method. The name of that method is the x-ray echo. There is another black hole that came to the view. There is a certain location for that. The location is IRAS 13224 – 3809. There is a long-distance to it from us. I can tell you the length. That is approximately a billion light-years away. There is another important thing to tell you. There is a special thing around the black hole. That is the x-ray corona. I expect to tell you about the IRAS 13224 – 3809 and the x-ray corona. I’ll tell you both of them in the following. 

Event Horizon and X-ray

Blackhole image – black hole and the event horizon is visible in this picture

    Through the x-ray corona and the x-ray, echo scientists created a map. That is not only a normal map. That is a detailed map. Detailed map of the surrounding with the horizon. That is a special region. Through that light also cannot travel. There is even another way to describe it. That is the light cannot escape from the above area. Yes, that area is as powerful as that. That is known as the black hole’s event horizon. 

   We can’t find black holes through light. We can find that only by the materials. That only observation can be made when materials fall into the black hole. For that scientists have to wait very calmly and patiently. That is a great thing 

These above things are more accurate than the above-received details. The second time details give clues about the evolution of the expansion of the black hole. Even though the above measurements, scientists can get an idea about the formation of the galaxies. In the above, I told you about a special galaxy. That is IRAS 13224 – 3809. There is a spacecraft assigned to observe the above galaxy. That is the MXM Newton spacecraft. The above spacecraft is to make observations about the cosmos rays. 

      You know that the above tests are done by the x-ray detectors. From the black holes, the x rays can be emitted. Most of the x rays directly travel to the cosmos. While some of the others travel in other directions. Some others move to the accretion disk. 


Blackhole artwork

    There is a name for the name of that measurement. There is a time delay here. That is called the reverberation. Such a special name. The above incident helps to find the materials around the black hole. Especially these are gassy materials. Using the reverberation process the mapping has taken place. Using the above mapping the objects in very far also detected. 

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  Scientists also need to measure another thing. That is the mass of the black hole. For that one thing had to be found. That is the origin place of the gas and the departure place of the above gases. According to the details of the above mapping. That is the mass. The mass of the above black hole is equal to the total mass of the two million suns. You know in one opportunity every experiment cannot be successful. Scientists tried this test about 16 times. The features of the scientists are like that. They didn’t stop until the success of their experiment.

  We will discuss something for today. That ia an important topic. 

 The corona 

fantasy of blackhole

    This is a greek word. There is even a connection between the Latin term even. That means the crown. This is a cover. I mean this is like a cover. This above cover will cover the stars and the sun. It is very hot. Even that is hotter than the surface of the sun. The above corona is not uniformly covered the surface of the earth. In 1973 the above corona was captured by a special satellite. That is the satellite skylab. 

    The above are some brief details about the corona. I told you many important details. I think you are happy to hear the above. You can use the above details in a positive way. If there are new such types of facts I will tell you those related to them. 

Science & Technology

The secret behind the dimming stars

 You know that stars are glowing. Actually they are very bright objects. We can see them clearly in the night sky. But they are always available. In the darker medium, we can only see them. You know about the constellations. Those are the set of stars that are divided according to a pattern. Those patterns have a name. That name is the above-mentioned one. We can even see them from our naked eyes. Today we aren’t here only to talk about stars. But we are to talk about the story behind the bright stars. 

As per the introduction, we will see what is a star 

A nebula ( new star cam born someday from this nebula)

   The above are all the details of the stars. Then we will move to the main topic. Here the important instrument is the Gaia observatory. Through the above instrument, it detected a bright star. Then it dimmed. After some days that star came to the view. Like earlier this time even it dimmed. 

  Scientists cannot even suggest a possible reason for that behaviour. Therefore they further care about that. Finally, they have to suggest that it is because of gravitational power. Star is situated very far from us. The light is magnifying when travelling towards us. Can you imagine the distance of the star??? That is a binary star. It is 2544 light-years away. 


   We can’t observe that clearly because of the less brightness. Because of that, they have to try exceptional ways. To find what, they have to use extraordinary ways??? They want to find mass, orbit, and distance. Can you guess the method to find out that? There are two of them. Those are through the gravitational effects and the magnification of the light. 

Milkyway galaxy, Home of millions of stars

 . The above way is very significant. There is a reason for that. After using that method to find out the above facts, it uses some other thing. That is to detect very far objects in the Milky Way. Actually that could be a positive way. According to the research, there may be millions of masses in space. You know the leading observation caused by the above discovery. That is the repeating brightening and dimming star. Then for the easy introduction, this has given a special name. That is Gaia16aye.

   This is an object that is producing an amazing thing. That producing thing is the gravitational microlens. That effect is made by the theorem of the great scientist Einstein. But microlens became huge when detecting the above incident of Gaia16aye. Later we will see more about the Gaia16aye. And the microlens became different in the high magnification regions. These are the main details about the dimming star. Then we will see some about the Gaia16aye. 


   As you know this is a gravitational microlensing event. This was first detected through the Gaia space observatory. The source star has a magnitude of 14.5. That is a star Cygnus. That was first observed in 2016. Actually on the 9th of August. 

  Those are some little details about the Gaia16aye. Then we will see the details of the Gaia telescope or the Gaia space observatory. 

Gaia space observatory 

Star trail image. this is one thing happens because of earth’s rotation

    Gaia is a spacecraft by the European space agency. About 2013 this spacecraft was launched. And scientists expect to operate this until 2022. That spacecraft designed for various tasks. I decided to tell you some of them. That was designed for the astronomy, distance and the motion of the stars in space and measuring the positions. The last aim of this mission is to make the largest 3D space catalogue. And to examine approximately 1 billion stars. 

   The Gaia spacecraft is included in the astrometric observatory. There are exceptional payloads here. Some of them are astrometric instruments, photometric instruments, and radial velocity spectrometers. 

  There is another speciality of this spacecraft. That is, it will examine its targets about 70 times. That is essential to determine the exact places of the stars. Already you know about the 3-dimensional map. That includes the descriptive details of the luminosity, effective temperature and the gravity of the elements. 

  In the future, there will be another project introduced. GaiaNIR is a future proposed project. With this project, the project can be widened. Here the GaiaNIR means the Gaia near the infrared. That means this project can be done with the infrared rays. Therefore some natural objects can be detected with infrared rays. Those objects cannot be detected normally. 

   Then we have come to the last part of our article today. I told you more details about the stars. Other than that Gaia16aye and about the important Gaia space observatory. I think I gave you the most important details of the above topics. Insert them to your knowledge library. Then we will meet at another one. 

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Science & Technology

SpaceX launch the crew vehicle to the higher orbit

You know more details about the crew vehicles by SpaceX. Those are the vehicles meant to travel to the universe. They are especially helping the ISS or the international space station. That is to crew transportation. Also, that will become like a journey. That means people can travel to outer space. We are going to the outer cities for picnics. Like that one day, people went to the universe. From that, they can see the planets and stars. On other days we see them in images. But think about how you can feel when you can see them real. 

   Here the above topic means the vehicle that means a mode of transportation of private citizens. That means the idea that I told. Also, that can go to the higher orbit. That distance means the distance that hadn’t ever before. The crew members can go for higher orbits. The scientists made their crew vehicle comfortable for four members. You know this is an excellent creation by SpaceX. 

Crew Dragon is in the space

  Not only SpaceX but also another member participated in this creation. It is the U. S based space adventures Inc. Yes, they are difficult to handle such a huge project. Therefore recently, both organizations announced the above crew vehicle could perform its activity. But the cost or the definite date had not been announced yet. 

   But this experience was previously done by seven crew members. Those tourists went to the ISS or the international space station. There is another one. That is the Russian Soyuz rockets. Only the crew members, such as scientists, can go to the International Space Station. But normal tourists could not go there. As I said above, they can go to higher orbits. That means the distance above the earth from 800 km and 1200 km. 

     This is previously planned for the transportation of the NASA crew members. Such a nice combination. NASA with SpaceX. As their plan, they will transport the above crew members to the International Space Station within this year. That will be later in the month. Also, I think you know that. In the last year, they have performed a test by using this above crew vehicle. That was successful. We can state that as another successful step in space history. There are no crew members there. 

   Then after that, approximately at the end of next year, that crew vehicle will perform its first flight with tourists. Sometimes on this occasion, there may be many customers expecting this valuable opportunity. Usually, a commander needs to perform such a flight. The commander can be a pilot. But for this kind of crew vehicle, there is no need for such a person. What is that?? Then how can such an instrument be operated?? That means the above crew vehicle is fully automatic. But if needed, the passengers can control the crew vehicle. 

Crew Dragon by SpaceX

  One of the customers has paid $35 million for the ten-day space tour. The first person to go to space is Dennis Tito. He is a Californian businessman. In 2001 he was lucky to have that experience. He paid $20 million for eight hours. He stayed inside the international space station. These are some main details about the crew transportation to the International Space Station or to the higher orbits. 

  Then you all know about SpaceX. But today I would like to tell you more about that. 

Something about SpaceX… 

   Actually, SpaceX means what?? That is the Space exploration technologies corporation. That name became SpaceX in the short form. You know this is a private organization while Elon Musk is the Head of this private company. 

  Their main goal is to colonize the planet Mars. They have produced several launch vehicles. Actually, there are many. They have succeeded in many chances. As in the above, sometimes they are working companions with the NASA organization. This organization started on the 6th of May 2002. They have created the first liquid-propellant rocket. 

SpaceX satellite

   The above SpaceX organization achieved many things for the first time. Some of them are SpaceX succeed in the launching of the Dragon spacecraft. Then they sent the same spacecraft to the International Space Station. Including the above, there are many other achievements. 

    At that movement, even they are trying another new project. Currently, SpaceX is in the project of the starship and the Starlink. Starship is a reusable rocket. Then the Starlink is the network of the global telecommunication system. There is another important fact. Usually, SpaceX is producing reusable rockets. Do you know the reason?? That is in order to minimize the production cost. 

  Now you know all the essential details of the SpaceX recent project. That is about the crew vehicle. And you know some important facts about SpaceX. You can expect some more in the future too. Do you like to know about Nasa, Click here

Science & Technology

NASA stated that Antarctica is melting

 That is amazing news. Because we can’t believe it. Antarctica is a region that is not facing such a condition very easily. You know both regions Antarctic and Arctic are covered with ice glaziers. The coldest temperature was maintained there. Actually human beings can’t live in an area like the above. Now according to the explorations of the NASA scientists, they said that Antarctica faced a danger of melting. We can’t tell if that is good or bad. That is good for other people. Because they can even migrate to those areas to live. 

  But that is unfortunate for some animals. That means animals that live in cold conditions. Examples for polar bears and penguins. What can happen after the melting down of the whole Antarctica region? 

  Now we will see their proof and facts put forward for the melting down of Antarctica. 

Melting down of Antarctica 

At now, Antarctica is melting down

   The melting of Antarctica was recorded because of the heat waves. Definitely there has to be a reason for some incident. Therefore heat waves are the causing agent for the melting. Antarctica experienced that heatwave earlier in February. From that season there is a high temperature recorded under Antarctica. That means a temperature greater than the normal temperature. The recent proof of satellite shows some important details. That shows how heat waves affected the ice caps and the glaziers. 

   Do you know the special satellite that made these special images? That is the Landsat 8 satellites. Also, that shows the northern tip of the Antarctic peninsula. That recent closeup was done on the 4th of February this year. It showed there are ice caps in Antarctica the same as before. But later the next closeup was done on the 13th of February. There are blue items in there. Actually that means there are melted ponds. There are no ponds there. So those are surely the melted lands. 

   Not only us but also scientists are excited about this. They can’t believe even these ice glaciers melted so soon. Eagle Island is the research base of these conditions. Scientists didn’t see this condition as an advantage. They see this as a symbol of a hazardous situation. They worry about the future. 

  I told the reason for the above warm conditions. That heat waves are not difficult to recognize. They are capable of identifying the change in the temperature pattern when the note down the varying temperature. The heat waves liquefied around 20% of Eagle ‘s island. That is the seasonal snow accumulation. 

   Those are some main facts related to the melting down of Antarctica. Then we will see the founder of such a big secret. That is the worldwide famous institution NASA. We will see some facts about NASA. 

NASA & Antarctica

One of Nasa astronaut in the space, he is capturing images of Antarctica

   NASA means the national aeronautics and space administration. This is a worldwide famous company in the space science field. This is owned by the United Nations government. This was started on the 29th of July 1958. The above company has the motto of the for the benefit of all. NASA had performed the projects including the Apollo moon landing mission, Skylab Mission. Mainly NASA is helping the ISS. ISS is the international space station. Plus they are producing the crew vehicle. You know about that. One day humans can go to a universe similar to the journeys we are going on.

  Currently, NASA is continuing the research about Mars 2020. That is by the insight rover. Other than Mars NASA is continuing investigations of Saturn and the Jupiter. 

  Those are the main facts about the worldwide famous space authority. Then after that, we will see about the special instrument that made investigations of the Antarctic secret. That is, 

Landsat 8 imagined Antarctica

World’s Map by NASA 2018, Antarctica is in the bottom part of the image

    This is a production of the American earth observation satellite. On the 11th of February 2013, the satellite was launched first. Landsat is the short form of the Landsat data continuity mission. To make this NASA and the USGS cooperated with each other. This is an earth imaging Mission. During that Mission, it imagined the region of Antarctica. 

   Landsat has an estimated Mission time of about 5- 10 years. There are mainly two payloads in this Landsat. Those are the operational land imager and the Thermal infrared sensor. Those two collect data for the short wave thermal band and the longwave thermal band. 

    You know there is a ground system. That has certain functions. Those are controlling the satellite and commanding. And the management of the satellite. 

   So I described all the related details about the Antarctica mission. Sometimes this condition can disappear after some time. That can be because of this dry condition. However, NASA and the Landsat 8 will continue their work in the future too. We can expect more from them. We can know them. 
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Science & Technology SmartPhones

Samsung’s new flip z glass: is it real glass or plastic?

 Why do you have questions on this?? We know as per the details this flip z display glass is made out with a glass. But flip z glass can be folded like plastic. As our knowledge glass cannot be folded. That is why you have a question on this. Then we have to make a decision from the above facts. This cannot be real glass. Either this cannot be made out of plastic. Because this is called glass. So the above Samsung new flip z glass made out with a thin layer of glass. That thin glass shows the abilities of folding. That shows impossible. But you can see the proof in front of your eyes. That is the main specification of the above-mentioned Samsung new flip z glass. We can know more details from the following. Shall we move forward? 

Samsung galaxy Z flip

   This is the protective glass. Also, this is the glass of the phone. Altogether, a flexible glass definitely wanted this type of mobile phone. This Samsung phone is flexible enough to fold and put into a pocket. Or else you can put that phone in your bag or the accessories. So for such a type of phone, the above flexible glass is needed. Except for the flexibility of glass, this is durable. And that can take more risks. Although it is rich in beauty. 

Plastic? or Glass?

  There are no actual words to describe the phone and the glass protector. Z flip has an infinity flex display. Along with that, it is an immersive dynamic AMOLED screen. Although it has a very high and rich color quality. It helps to reduce the intensity of the blue light. You will be provided with 6.7 inches of great viewing. There is a most suitable word to explain that. Exactly that is a cinematic experience. 

   This is the first-ever folding protective glass. As in the above mentioned, this is made out using an ultra-thin glass. Also, that is a flat-screen. You can feel it as a smooth screen. And you can adjust the phone as you wish. You can keep it for many angles. Plus there is another thing that makes obstacles. That is dirt particles and dust particles. There is very updated technology here. From that one, the dust particles and dirt particles will remove automatically. Now you know more specifications of the above glass protector. There are more. Shall we see more of them?? 


Handsfree features of Samsung galaxy z flip

    With these features, the above phone allows you to make hands-free video calls. And amazing selfies. You can take photos in various conditions. I think you already know it. You can keep your phone like fold it, flip it and stand it. There is no matter the way you keep it. You can feel the unlimited experience. As I said above, the position is not required.  flip z is glass phone with feel like the plastic display.

  For this ultimate camera experience, the flexibility of this phone is a much-needed feature. You know this phone can be kept for multiple angles. Those multiple angles will help you with the rich photo shoot. Among those various shots, the low angle shot is the significant one. From the low angle position, it can generate photos with thought-provoking. That method is known as a new power pose. 

New Night Mode of Z flip

   I especially want to tell you about the night time images. As the day time night time even the camera is perfect. Yes, the camera on the phone is very powerful. You know there are long exposure shots. Sometimes this is acting as a tripod when it is along with a free top folding. There is a new kind of feature. That is called the night hyperlapse. 

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Z

Z flip, What is the meaning of Z flip?

  Also, you can feel fresh at your calls. You can shift it to Google duo video call. As you know there is a 10MP front camera. You know the above phone can work as a half screen even. Through the flex mode, there can be apps split. From that, the top part of the phone will become the viewing area. If you are multitasking this is the most suitable smartphone. You can work from two apps at once. Also, You can easily see a screen with 6.7 inches. 

   You can control your phone when it is shut even. When that takes place you will be notified by its cover screen. We have to talk about the internal of the phone exactly. There is a dual battery. That is doing an important task. Because it is acting on a limited space. That is because of the folding and the unfolding of the phone. That is 3300mAh. There is even storage of 256GB. Plus there is a 7nm processor and 8 GB RAM.

  Now we came to the end of the above topic. You got more details about the galaxy z flip. Feel the change of it. now you know the answer. Is flip Z glass or plastic? Do you like to know about iPhone 12, click here