A Girl Got Married at a Zoo in Australia With Praising Her Father

Most couples like to take their wedding as best as they can. They spend a lot of money on decorations and many other items in the wedding. But some of the others like to have simple weddings without spending a bulk of money. So we’ve heard about different types of weddings since early ancient. But this is about an uncommon wedding celebration at an Australian Zoo!

The girl’s name is Bindi Irwin who is the main character of this news. Chandler Powell; Bindi’s now-husband has been her boyfriend since 2013. This 7 years old love story brought them to their last destination; their wedding.

Binda’s husband Powell is a professional wakeboarder who was a great fan of Steve Irwin; Binda’s father. One day, Powell went to the zoo through his world tour. Accidently, Binda was at the zoo on the same day. That gathering made them come so far!

But they couldn’t meet for a long time because of their careers. Chandler did his busy job while Bindi participating in a dancing completion in Los Angeles. But Bindi didn’t forget to get in touch with Powell. She wrote sweet letters to Powell and then he came back to meet Bindi. He moved to Australia in 2018 and started work at the Zoo. Then they decided to engage.

On Bindi’s 20th birthday they get engaged. It made their love story official! Like other lovers, they also wanted to take a grand wedding but due to the current situation, they couldn’t do it. Then they decided to get it simple and easy. As their wish, they got married on the 25th of March at the zoo. Bindi was very happy about that because the place is so familiar to Bindi. She said it was the place on the earth that she feels close by her dad!


During This Hard Time Of COVID-19 Pandemic, A New York Man Uses Drone To Ask Out A Girl

No one ever expected a situation like this with the new coronavirus epidemic. It made us stay at home the whole day. Some are found it as a vacation but most of the others found it like life in cages. Due to this current situation, no one can meet their friends or relatives. The most heartbroken thing is even couples cannot meet their beloved once!

Jeremy Cohen is a New York man who lives in Brooklyn. He also stays at the home whole day like us, following government rules. Last week Jeremy saw a girl who was dancing on her rooftop. He just waved at her and right away that girl also waved him back. It made a little pleasure to Jeremy and he felt something that cannot explain.

Then Jeremy wanted to have a talk with that girl. He wanted to make a connection between them. But it isn’t as simple as a normal day. Because Jeremy hasn’t got her contact number and also he couldn’t go anywhere with this condition.

Using his shifty mind, Jeremy made a master plan to contact her. He used his drone to give the phone number to his dream girl. Successfully his plan worked! After the girl texted to Jeremy, they arranged a date but from safe-distance. Jeremy organized a dinner himself and the girl also participated that on her rooftop! Jeremy said to her, she looked so lovely that day.   

Relationship Youth

How to maintain good relationships???

 You know we live for some small time. Within that time we are doing various things. We are achieving our goals. We build very important things. Also within that time, we are forming various bonds with each other. We are not forming them willingly. But those relationships are forming from our born day. We are a child to someone. And we are siblings to someone. We are friends to some people. Also, we have relatives. When we are doing a job the others have relationships with you. One day you will become a life partner. Then you will be a mother or a father for your children. 

  These above are some relationships that you are making in your lifetime. There is no place in the world where relationships do not exist. Therefore you want to know how relationships can be handled in a positive way. If we fail in that action your life will be puzzled. Also, I can tell it in another way. Success depends on relationships. We want help from another one. We can increase our capabilities one by one. Bit for the initial step we all want the help of another one. Also, those relationships have to be very strong too. 

  Today I would like to give you some tips about how to make a good and strong relationship with everyone. If you have poor relationships the above facts will be useful. Also if you want to form new relationships even the following facts will be helpful. Shall we see them??? But in the beginning,

What are good relationships??? 

loving couple has a good relationship

 There are many features in a good relationship. In the present society, most of the relationships are fake. They just want to make relationships to the needs of themselves. If the need is completed, they stop the relationship. Because of that, most people don’t believe anyone. Because they are some victims of such previous fake relationships. Someone broke their trust in the mode of a close relationship. Therefore following are the important features in a good and trusting relationship. 

   The first one is trust. We have to trust each other before forming a relationship. Actually trust is like the base of a strong relationship. Even you have to respect other people. Definitely you have to respect the elder people. Because they are richer than you from the experience. Always you have to understand and respect others’ ideas. Because all the people don’t think in the same way. 

Couple in the moonlight

   If we have a relationship we have to communicate. That means we have to break the silence. Silent can’t convey the ideas. Therefore we communicate by messages, emails, telephone calls or face to face. Also when you are telling something you have to think of that. Is that the right word to tell here?? Because someone can feel heartbroken with your words. 

  These above are some essential facts that are the features of good interconnection. If you maintain all of them in your relationships you are a good relationship maintainer. Then we will see the facts that need to maintain a good relationship or make them. 


a good relationship, a couple in the beach

    You have to develop your personal skills. We have our unique skill as individuals. We can make a unique identity using our skill. If you want to make relationships pay attention to your soft skills. Then develop them. Also, you have to find out how you can act in a situation like a conflict. That is one of the skills you need to develop. 

   Before making a relationship identify which type of relationship you need for you. Do you want to start a new relationship or else do you want to restart an old one?? That is another thing you want to think about before you start a new one. 

   You have to select a time to make the relationships or maintain it. You have free time now. But the person you want to form a relationship with is busy now. If you make calls to him or her, it is just a waste. Therefore you have to select the correct time for that. This is another factor you want. 

    The most essential one is this one. It is listening. If you want to understand the other one please listen to that person. From that, you would understand the likes, dislikes and the needs of the other. Through that, you can form a relationship with a better understanding. 

Man , Dog and Women, Best relationships in the whole world.

  Our last one is appreciation. Please practise appreciating the others. As I said above, there are unique skills for everyone. Uf the other person has such great skill, please appreciate it. Even that person also cheers up from that. 

     These above are some tips to make a strong relationship. Plus these above will be helpful for you to maintain your relationships even. Finally, I want to tell you, be honest to your relationships. Don’t break others ‘ trust’.

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