Bruce Lee: The Mystery Surrounding the Martial Artist’s Death


Bruce Lee was one of the legends in this world. His name is immortal. His fighting ways couldn’t understand anyone. There are many kung fu masters and karate experts have born. To anyone cant act like Bruce Lee’s character. With different diseases, he died but his name will immortal. Before long showbiz came calling, as he handled the job of the sidekick Kato on the 1966 TV arrangement Green Hornet. At the point when the show was dropped the next year, Hollywood occupations were difficult to catch, so he returned to Hong Kong and made three movies: The Big Boss in 1971 and Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon in 1972. With the super achievement of his films in the movies abroad, the American market at long last comprehended his selling power.


In the fall of 1972, he was shooting Game of Death when Warner Bros. stepped in, offering to make a joint creation, the first-ever among Hollywood and Hong Kong. So shooting was stopped and rather, he concentrated on entering the Dragon, set for discharge with all the Hollywood exhibit at a debut at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater in August 1973.


In any case, he never made it to his huge presentation.


Starting reports said he passed on from mind edema perhaps brought about by ‘sedate inebriation or affectability’


The underlying Associated Press report on July 20 from Hong Kong said that he kicked the bucket at Queen Elizabeth Hospital “after having been discovered oblivious in his home here.” It likewise noted: “Police sources said treachery was not suspected however that a dissection would be performed.”


After a month, on September 3, another AP report came out referring to the reason: “Bruce Lee, a star of kung‐fu motion pictures, likely kicked the bucket of cerebrum edema, an abundance of liquid, that may have been brought about by Maryjane, a coroner detailed today.”



As it turned out, he had a history, only half a month earlier. In the wake of experiencing migraines and seizures, he was taken to a medical clinic in May 1973 and told he had cerebral edema. Oblivious at a certain point, he was later traveled to the UCLA Medical Center, as per Newsweek, where they discovered he had an “amazing mal seizure.” According to Matthew Polly, who composed Bruce Lee: A Life, he was discharged when the expanding cleared. What’s more, that is the point at which he made the game-changing outing to Hong Kong.


Bruce Lee emptied himself into all that he did. At the point when he found a hand to hand fighting, he focused on a wellness system 100 percent, abstaining from drinking and smoking, in addition to taking nutrient enhancements — and in any event, drinking crude cheeseburger meat to fabricate the ideal tone. At the point when he discovered acting and wasn’t discovering achievement in the United States, he moved to Hong Kong to build up his film industry capacity to pull in enthusiasm back home.


With that sort of devotion and control, his unexpected passing on July 20, 1973, in Hong Kong, at age 32 wasn’t simply stunning — it was inconceivable.