A Boy Has Got His Soldier Father’s Memorable Thing After 15 Years


Boy loses father

Everyone knows that soldiers haven’t got enough time to spend with their family due to their busy lifestyles. They always have a few days as their vacation. Not only that a soldier’s life is always unsure after they leave home. Because they have to face different kinds of wars and battles. Sometimes they pass away during those wars. As a result, their family members used to live alone and miserable. This news is also about a soldier’s boy that has got a surprise present for his 16th birthday.

Justin Rozier was a little boy when his father dies. He was only nine months old when his father; Jonathan Rozier left Justin and his mom; Jessica Johns. So Justin has never seen his father alive.

After her husband’s death, Jessica decided to move their lives to Texas. She tried a lot to make a nice world for her little kid Justin. But she hadn’t enough money to pay bills and loans. Finally, she made a hard decision to hand over his husband’s favorite black color Toyota car. From that, she made considerable money to make their lifestyle much better.

Time to time Justin become younger and wanted to know about his dad. But he isn’t live. So Justin used to spend his free time with seeing his father’s photographs and some memorable things. But he didn’t satisfy that. He wanted to feel his father more. Then Justin remembered his father’s car and wanted to sit on the same seat as his father did. When he’s becoming 16, that car was the only thing he wanted.

As her son’s desire, Jessica decided to find the car for him and put a notice on social media. Luckily, the notice was seen by the car owner. Firstly he was in a doubt to sell the car but finally, he gave it to them eventually. Before that, Jessica needed to find the money. A non-profit organization helped Jessica to raise enough money. On Justin’s 16th birthday, they presented it to him. It was a very heart touching moment to see that Justin got into his father’s car with making others cry.