Boris Johnson: “Now is the moment of maximum risk”

NEWSUK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson returns to work after recovering from Coronavirus

NEWSUK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson returns to work after recovering from Coronavirus

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, stepped out to Downing Street for the first time to address the nation since recovering from the Coronavirus to thank the people for their patience and on how to reduce the risk of a second spike. He addresses his own battle with the virus calling it an ‘unexpected and invisible mugger’ and it is the biggest challenge the country has faced since the war.

UK has reached over 157,000 confirmed cases and 21,000 deaths in the country since the outbreak began, however, as the spike has begun to flatten, the PM explains how the hospital admissions and the number of deaths are reducing daily stating that country have passed the peak of the virus.

Furthermore to his statement, he advises the citizens of the UK to refrain ongoing ‘easy,’ on the situation as the tolls are reducing and thanks to people for the sacrifice of freedom during the first spike. The PM says that the country can now overcome the disease but continues to state that the country is in a moment of ‘maximum risk,’ and should avoid a second spike by maintaining the social distancing until the tolls continue to fall in order to shift to phase two.

Backing up a theory by Professor Neil Ferguson (epidemiologist, an adviser to the government) which is that a second wave could cause around 100,000 deaths, the PM warns that a second spike will be even more threatening as it’ll impose a new wave of death, disease and economic disaster which will result to ‘slam the breaks’ on the whole economy and an extension for the situation of the country in the past six weeks.

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Boris praises the NHS, doctors, nurses, and the government, as these parties controlled the situation without running out of ICU beds or ventilators despite many predictions made.

Dominic Raab, UK’s foreign secretary states that although the 21,000 death toll is heartbreaking, that the situation would have been worse if the strict social distancing rules weren’t imposed by the government. The state of the lockdown and rules regarding social distancing is said to be assessed on May 7th.

It is believed by most political spectators that the return of the PM will bring energy to the UK government since it has been weary for the past few weeks and they will be able to make and impose more stern decisions during the assessment on the 7th now that Boris is back.

The PM informs that difficult judgments and decisions will have to be made in phase two in order to start the engines of the UK economy. Moreover he states that the citizens of the country will be informed and maximum transparency will be maintained with the British people during working and making these decisions. He further mentions that he will rely on science to be updated on the situation and even the opposition parties as much as they can since it will be expected by the British people.

Finally, Boris ends his speech by asking the people to keep going as they have done so far, by being patient, determined and strong, and as a result, UK will overcome this pandemic and emerge as never before.