A Giant Bear Has Replied To Woman’s Wave


It’s a very common thing between humans to wave each other when they leave. But have you ever heard about a waving between a bear and a woman? This news is about a lucky woman that has got a chance to see a bear’s wave.

We all think that wild animals are always dangerous. But it doesn’t. Sometimes they look so familiar to us. This news is a recent example of that. That woman was driving her car through a farm which has beautiful natural views to see. The farm is very popular because every animal on the farm has got freedom and they can travel everywhere throughout the farm. There are above 200 animals on the farm and many other attractive things to see.

The woman has seen the bear while she was visiting the farm. Suddenly she opened her window and waved at the fuzzy huge bear. What a surprise! She couldn’t believe her eyes because that giant bear also responded to her wave. The video clip is very short but you should see that incredible moment. That reminds us of the connection between humans and animals.

 Nowadays, most of news, articles, video clips and photographs are very fearful and awfully sad. People have forgotten to smile. So people sometimes want things that make them funny and happy. That’s why you should watch this video. That’ll bring a smile to everyone who watches.