A Girl Got Married at a Zoo in Australia With Praising Her Father

Most couples like to take their wedding as best as they can. They spend a lot of money on decorations and many other items in the wedding. But some of the others like to have simple weddings without spending a bulk of money. So we’ve heard about different types of weddings since early ancient. But this is about an uncommon wedding celebration at an Australian Zoo!

The girl’s name is Bindi Irwin who is the main character of this news. Chandler Powell; Bindi’s now-husband has been her boyfriend since 2013. This 7 years old love story brought them to their last destination; their wedding.

Binda’s husband Powell is a professional wakeboarder who was a great fan of Steve Irwin; Binda’s father. One day, Powell went to the zoo through his world tour. Accidently, Binda was at the zoo on the same day. That gathering made them come so far!

But they couldn’t meet for a long time because of their careers. Chandler did his busy job while Bindi participating in a dancing completion in Los Angeles. But Bindi didn’t forget to get in touch with Powell. She wrote sweet letters to Powell and then he came back to meet Bindi. He moved to Australia in 2018 and started work at the Zoo. Then they decided to engage.

On Bindi’s 20th birthday they get engaged. It made their love story official! Like other lovers, they also wanted to take a grand wedding but due to the current situation, they couldn’t do it. Then they decided to get it simple and easy. As their wish, they got married on the 25th of March at the zoo. Bindi was very happy about that because the place is so familiar to Bindi. She said it was the place on the earth that she feels close by her dad!


During This Hard Time Of COVID-19 Pandemic, A New York Man Uses Drone To Ask Out A Girl

No one ever expected a situation like this with the new coronavirus epidemic. It made us stay at home the whole day. Some are found it as a vacation but most of the others found it like life in cages. Due to this current situation, no one can meet their friends or relatives. The most heartbroken thing is even couples cannot meet their beloved once!

Jeremy Cohen is a New York man who lives in Brooklyn. He also stays at the home whole day like us, following government rules. Last week Jeremy saw a girl who was dancing on her rooftop. He just waved at her and right away that girl also waved him back. It made a little pleasure to Jeremy and he felt something that cannot explain.

Then Jeremy wanted to have a talk with that girl. He wanted to make a connection between them. But it isn’t as simple as a normal day. Because Jeremy hasn’t got her contact number and also he couldn’t go anywhere with this condition.

Using his shifty mind, Jeremy made a master plan to contact her. He used his drone to give the phone number to his dream girl. Successfully his plan worked! After the girl texted to Jeremy, they arranged a date but from safe-distance. Jeremy organized a dinner himself and the girl also participated that on her rooftop! Jeremy said to her, she looked so lovely that day.   


Elder Brother Sings For His Little Brother Who Has Got Down Syndrome

Do you have brothers or sisters your own? If your answer is yes, you are so lucky and you have got a delightful family. When a woman and a man get married, they are considered as a new family. But the family is uncompleted if they don’t raise kids. That’s why some parents have got many kids in their families. Because there isn’t anything more valuable than family life.

Nicole Powell and J.J Grieve were also lovely parents that had four kids for their own. Everyone said that their family was full of pleasure because there’s the same number of girls and boys in the family. Time to time, Nicole and Grieve decided to have their fifth kid to make their family nicer. They passed this news to their children and saw how happy that news was to them.

But they got bad news during the prenatal checkup. The doctors who tested mom said that their kid got an uncommon health issue called ‘Down Syndrome’! So doctors told mom to do an abortion. But Nicole and Powell didn’t want to give up. They made a decision to accept their disabled kid. Luckily, the kid started to get better health while inside the womb.

Nicole and Grieve couldn’t know how to explain their children about Down syndrome. Because of that syndrome, the little kid; Tripp would look a bit different. Parents described it to their children and it made a problem among them. By making e better answer to that problem, their older son; Rayce said that all of them were different from each other. Because he wanted everyone to love Tripp as he does.

After Tripp’s birth, Rayce would take care of his little brother as his parents. He would hold Tripp and sing the song ’10, 000 hours’ to this new family member. 


Doctors Are Surprised By The COVID-19 Performance

There’s no one on the earth that does not know about this pandemic. We heard that the majority of the population all over the world are suffering from this COVID-19 epidemic. Sadly, many patients have died. The most considerable thing is some of them were doctors. This is the most essential moment for the world of doctors. Because no one can handle this threatening pandemic without doctors. So most of the doctors in the world are stressed than their patients.

Doctors and other health care service members do many things to avoid this stress. We heard about two doctors that did an interesting event to make people’s minds relax due to this pandemic. Both doctors are from the Minnesota Mayo Clinic, named Elvis L. Francois and William Robinson. They lately performed an item to give people a word of desire, due to this epidemic. They sang a song together which can motivate people during this hard time!

Doctors chose the ‘Imagine’ song because they thought that it could be an encouraging song for everyone. The only instrument they’ve used is the piano. Dr. Elvis sings the song while Dr. Robinson plays the piano. By giving a word for ABC News, Dr. Elvis said that sometimes music is the best medication for some diseases better than pills or surgeries. Yes, he is right. Medication can’t go through the patient’s spirit but music can!

Dr. Francois has also written a note on his Instagram page which is explained the connection between music and healing. So we can also try on this. May be music will relax your mind but pills won’t!


A Boy Has Got His Soldier Father’s Memorable Thing After 15 Years

Everyone knows that soldiers haven’t got enough time to spend with their family due to their busy lifestyles. They always have a few days as their vacation. Not only that a soldier’s life is always unsure after they leave home. Because they have to face different kinds of wars and battles. Sometimes they pass away during those wars. As a result, their family members used to live alone and miserable. This news is also about a soldier’s boy that has got a surprise present for his 16th birthday.


Justin Rozier was a little boy when his father dies. He was only nine months old when his father; Jonathan Rozier left Justin and his mom; Jessica Johns. So Justin has never seen his father alive.

After her husband’s death, Jessica decided to move their lives to Texas. She tried a lot to make a nice world for her little kid Justin. But she hadn’t enough money to pay bills and loans. Finally, she made a hard decision to hand over his husband’s favorite black color Toyota car. From that, she made considerable money to make their lifestyle much better.

Time to time Justin become younger and wanted to know about his dad. But he isn’t live. So Justin used to spend his free time with seeing his father’s photographs and some memorable things. But he didn’t satisfy that. He wanted to feel his father more. Then Justin remembered his father’s car and wanted to sit on the same seat as his father did. When he’s becoming 16, that car was the only thing he wanted.

As her son’s desire, Jessica decided to find the car for him and put a notice on social media. Luckily, the notice was seen by the car owner. Firstly he was in a doubt to sell the car but finally, he gave it to them eventually. Before that, Jessica needed to find the money. A non-profit organization helped Jessica to raise enough money. On Justin’s 16th birthday, they presented it to him. It was a very heart touching moment to see that Justin got into his father’s car with making others cry.


Game Of Catch played By A Man With Orangutan In Bali Zoo

Everyone accepts that humans are the most intelligent creatures among living beings. But we can rarely see some animals also has behaviors like humans. That’s why those doings make us amazed and bizarre.

It’s not a doubt that every kid likes to play anything when they have got the free time. You can see playful kids everywhere in the world. But this is about an Orangutan that played the game of catch with a visitor who came to the zoo!

The name of that man is Vitaly. A few years ago, Vitaly went on a trip to visit the Bali Zoo in Indonesia. When he came to see the Orangutan, he decided to play a small game with this four-leg partner. He just wanted to check out how intelligent that Orangutan was. Orangutan also entered to the game by surprising other visitors. He uses bananas like bullets, but he gently throws it back to the man making others laugh.  

The video clip of that wonderful moment has got more than 26 million views on YouTube. Most of the online viewers didn’t forget to add comments on this for leg partner’s fun playing. This little video clip reminds us that humans aren’t the only intelligent creature among living beings. 


A Giant Bear Has Replied To Woman’s Wave

It’s a very common thing between humans to wave each other when they leave. But have you ever heard about a waving between a bear and a woman? This news is about a lucky woman that has got a chance to see a bear’s wave.

We all think that wild animals are always dangerous. But it doesn’t. Sometimes they look so familiar to us. This news is a recent example of that. That woman was driving her car through a farm which has beautiful natural views to see. The farm is very popular because every animal on the farm has got freedom and they can travel everywhere throughout the farm. There are above 200 animals on the farm and many other attractive things to see.

The woman has seen the bear while she was visiting the farm. Suddenly she opened her window and waved at the fuzzy huge bear. What a surprise! She couldn’t believe her eyes because that giant bear also responded to her wave. The video clip is very short but you should see that incredible moment. That reminds us of the connection between humans and animals.

 Nowadays, most of news, articles, video clips and photographs are very fearful and awfully sad. People have forgotten to smile. So people sometimes want things that make them funny and happy. That’s why you should watch this video. That’ll bring a smile to everyone who watches.


Impressive Pics Of A Black And Orange Fox Taken By An Unpopular Photographer

Everyone love to see amazing photographs of wild animals that are taken by well-trained official photographers. But Sam Gaby isn’t an official photographer. Officially he is an economist but he’s been enjoying his job as a photographer, too. He used to take amazing photographs since he was a kid. Recently Sam has taken stunning images of a rare black and orange fox and released them on his pages. 

You know that foxes aren’t a type of calm animals. But in Sam’s photo collection, they look so calm and relax. We couldn’t find out if those pictures are real or fake because of that. It seems to be that foxes love to spend their time with Sam.

The mixed color combination of foxes makes those photographs more curious. Scientists first thought that those foxes were separate species from red foxes. But lately, they’ve found that it is another variation of red fox. Then scientists introduced them as a cross-genre.

According to Sam foxes are really intelligent. Yes, he is right. We’ve seen many photographs of foxes that how they find their food. They dig small holes and search for something to eat. If they find some food, they used to hide it on the ground. From that, they expect to protect their food from other wild animals.

Sam has got different types of cameras to use in different seasons. He uses Nikon D5, D610 and D750 in the summer season to capture fascinating images of foxes. In the winter season, he changes to his Sony a7 III. Sam said that he spends his money on a little community that hasn’t got any job or resources. So he loves to spend his leisure time taking photographs of wild animals.


Due To Corona Virus Epidemic, Penguins Got A Chance To Visit Other Animals

Nowadays we’re passing a fearful timeline due to this coronavirus epidemic. Most government and private institutions completely closed down their organizations. Media always announce to us that how to prevent this virus disease. No one hadn’t got any advantage from this epidemic but the penguins got. Penguins of Shedd Aquarium has got a chance to visit other animals!

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has closed to the public for a short -term due to this virus epidemic. Because that place is always crowded and it would be risky for the visitors. But the aquarium is still active because of penguins. Caretakers of this animal home have decided to give this wonderful chance for penguins to search the space. Only penguins have been allowed to walk everywhere and see other animals.

These funny cute penguins used this chance to run through the aquarium. Firstly they all seemed to be weird. But finally, they’ve found it fun and had a great time. The staff of Shedd Aquarium has taken many photographs and video clips of these playful little animals. They post those clips on social media to get in touch with the visitors. As their wish, all of the video clips were seen by viewers and made thousands of comments on these lovable animals.

This entertainment program couldn’t be a great thing for you but for the penguins. If penguins can talk, they would thank caretakers because penguins wouldn’t get a chance like that forever. 


A Dreadful Fungus That Controls Ants’ Mind

There are so many human diseases that infected by fungus, virus, and bacteria. Some of the terrible fungi can attack a whole human body. Not only for humans but also fungus can attack animals. This news is about a fearful fungus that attacks ants. It directly gets into the ants’ brain and controls their minds.  

The fungus spreads quite slowly than the virus. But it shows results quickly. This mind-controlling fungus presents similar features. It is known as a parasitic fungus called ‘Ophiocordyceps unilateralis’. This fungus can invade many live bodies but it mostly spread among ants. It can violate its victim’s brain and systems.

The procedure of this infection is explained by scientists. According to them, the fungus first penetrates its victim’s system. Then the victim’s brain gets infected. From that, the victim couldn’t handle their brain. As a result, the victim starts to follow the commands which are given by the infected brain. Time to time fungus spreads inside the systems and finally, it causes to victim’s death.

Like humans, ants also can identify the infected once. If someone had the infection, the workers used to bring it far away from the colony. From that, they expect to avoid the infected one from other ants. So we are very lucky enough to be humans because it hasn’t found yet that this fungus attacks humans.