Astronauts board Tesla for the ride to 2nd SpaceX launch attempt


As a private space research company, SpaceX is going to a new era. They have to bring their researches in a good position. If their first shuttle blasted they did not think as hopelessly. After a decade SpaceX is the only private company who travel the space with the human. With this coronavirus pandemic, cant believe like this thing to do. But Elon Musk’s dream came true.

For this travel 2 astronauts have participated. They worked as astronauts in Apollo. They served their service to Apollo for huge projects and go to space. So they were familiar with like these works. All these things going to do not NASA but billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX project. In a short time, we don’t know what he is going to do? If NASA cannot do to travel Mars, but how Elon Musk going to do this. Now all his dreams come true. Now it is not only a dream. In a short time, he got many positive results and also his thousands of businesses were helped for his dream.

The shuttle was released in Florida. It seems like a silver line. If sky unclear it was a prominent day for U.S. and SpaceX. Also from then on, they will make Mars as earth. If the day was wet all things happened according to their constitution and schedule. During this quarantine period and in the political environment united state’s economic environment and the business environment became a prominent place.


There have lots of scientists, cleverest people, billionaires and any kind of man all around the U. S. That’s what the reason the U.S. become famous during this bad environment. Also, this project will help the business development of the country and an uncertain economic environment. This live stream of the shuttle launch has watched millions of people all around the world. According to the astronomers, Elon Musk has gone to a new way and he started a new era with traveling to Mars.

Saturday’s dispatch arrangements started with the space explorers wearing their spacesuits with the help of SpaceX specialists. Jim Bridenstine, the NASA manager, and Jim Morhard, the appointee’s head, visited them in the suit-up room. Each kept a social separation and wore a careful cover, and Mr. Bridenstine presented with the space explorers for a selfie.

Soon after early afternoon, the space explorers were seen off by their families in front of their drive to the launchpad. Mr. Behnken asked his child, Theodore, “Are you going to tune in to mother and make her life simple,” alluding to his significant other, Megan McArthur, a kindred space explorer. The six-year-old answered, “How about we light this flame!”

Inside the hour, they had boarded the Crew Dragon container and began the long periods of the methodology they should finish before the dispatch endeavor. There are more than millions of people watched the live stream and according to President Trump has announced this will help to develop the country and develop the business environment’s eligibility.Be with us for news.