Arizona Curfew order exempts businesses, specific activities


Reason for Curfew order and social environment

According to the U.S. government, Mr. Doug Ducey announced new curfew periods and new details to U.S. people. Furthermore, he said that it will help with peaceful speeches and works. In earlier also he said that it does not apply if it is not good according to the constitution. According to new curfew periods, people can arrange their time to get their needs and wants. Also, it will help protect from protests.

arizona governor doug ducey

With the help of police officers you know, two black Americans have died. Day by day protests was got bad. In the curfew period, quarrelsome protesters came out and fired the shops very aggressively. Furthermore, It spread Arizona and other cities in the country. As Mr. Doug Ducey said curfew started as soon as possible. These protests spread other cities in the country. That’s what the reason the curfew order started as soon as possible. However, according to the U.S. government, it may not harmful to businesses and essential service providers. But this time it is not so good to take it.


Also, the government thinks new curfew periods and laws will help to stop these protests in the capital cities of the country. Not only protesters fired but also they looted shops and destroyed whole property in the main cities of the country and Arizona.

Who can go out?

 The governor’s officers’ media unit said this emergency curfew period is not affected by healthcare workers, law-related persons, essential service providers, and media units. Others cant go out, travel between 8.00 P.M. to 5.00 A.M. every day for one week. This curfew period affects to 8th of June. He is not going to say what going to do after the 8th of June.

Also If you provide religious services or if you are going to a job, you are not affected this curfew period. Furthermore, this may not affect drivers of commercial and official vehicles, delivery services, individuals who want food, care members, healthcare workers, people who support the businesses, and people who get medical treatments.

If you break the law,

If you break the law you will face as a 1st class guilty. Also, you cant live among the social environment if you break curfew law. And you will be paid 2500 dollars. But this law not clear about homeless people or the poor. Also, famous lawyer Kory Langhofer said this made by narrowly. Ans it is under the constitution. Furthermore, this rioting is the worst work right now. But the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona said that this law is not under the constitution.

The End

Presently, more should be done, in more places around the state, to secure peace and open wellbeing. The plundering and savagery we saw the previous evening, particularly in Scottsdale, basically can’t go on without serious consequences. What’s more, it won’t be,” he said prior today. “Obliteration of property doesn’t qualify as the opportunity of articulation.”


The fights proceed during a pandemic that has brought about over 900 passings so far in Arizona. Ducey said on May 28 that he doesn’t plan to give another stay-at-home request for COVID-19 reasons. Be that as it may, this is alternate totally.