Apple TV Next-generation features and rumors


What is apple tv

Apple tv lets you watch movies and shows on apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and ESPN2 and apple originals from apple TV+ in amazing 4K HDR and Dolby atoms sounds. You can use Siri to control your tv by your voice. Apple TV delivers the best and outstanding experience for the viewers

New Apple TV arrival and the rumors

Apple TV has released Apple TV in September 2019 and also Apple TV+ in November 2019. but apple tv doesn’t update since the last release back in 2017, it does seem that Apple hasn’t developed its hardware  while promoting the apple tv game console

Apple still has not upgraded the hardware that enables you to watch the shows on your TV. but apple TV is not the only TV to watch Apple TV+ shows, there are new TV’s that built-in apple TV+.

Below mentioned are the new apple TV lineup looks

Apple TV 4K

Released in September has an A10X Fusion chip which has used for iPhone 7 and can be purchase for £179/$179. This TV is a 5th generation device


Apple TV HD

  • It has released in 2015 but this is even less powerful than 4K TV.
  • This is powered by an A8 chip which has released with iPhone 6,6+.this is the 4th generation TV that can buy for £149/$149

Did they discontinue the Next-generation?

  • Now we can use AppleTV+ on many smart TVs and devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, the new Xbox, and PlayStation.
  • Also, they support AirPlay for streaming your content from iPad or iPhone
  •  this is not only giving us the opportunity to watch shows but also it gives us its own AppStore and lots of games.
  • including access to apple arcade games.
  • There’s a rumor that they are going to release it as a game console with a new games controller and also with new games.
  • 9to5Mac has released early in march 2020 and it has leaked info that indicating apple remote in the pipeline
  • As we say this is not the only device that can stream apple’s new shows
  • company will upgrade the setup box for there’s 6th generation of the device but the next question is when

When will the Next-generation of Apple TV released

  • The next release will be in summer 2021. which when the next Apple event rumored to be held.
  • surely it will be released in the first half of the year
  • In 2020 we heard analysts that the new Apple TV is almost ready to release.
  • the new Next-generation of  TV not releasing in 2020 was a big surprise
  • There have been a lot of apple TV rumors lately until Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman indicates that it had actually delayed until 2021

Gurman has also said that the apple media player was in development and it will surely not releasing in 2021

Can we assume the price will be dropped?

You can buy a 4th gen 32GB apple TV for $149 you can buy it from, but this model was released in 2015 so this is an extraordinary price for such an old device. these prices are too much when it’s comparing to Amazon’s Fire Stick, google chrome cast, etc. if Apple wants to run on this game they definitely have to reduce the price